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  1. I agree 100%. As I have a lifetime license as well and always thought the same as you mentioned.
  2. sounds like a gtx 1080 would do it then huh? it can handle 4k -63 fps....since this is off topic, I'll close myself
  3. Nice system I might add! Xeon and a fast GTX. I envy you when I'm using my bottom of the line chromebook
  4. plb4333


    This is what I assumed as well and mentioned it..
  5. I wish I could of been more help for you. Sometimes an issue seems so simple, but can go very deep and this is where I have to stop I use to see this type of thing years back in a browser and its URL window, but never did find out what was the issue, but an update took care of it.
  6. The CSRSS.EXE is in your system32 folder, right? Have you checked the csrss.exe in a process viewer and seen its properties? To make sure its not found elsewhere
  7. plb4333

    Windows Store app is exited

    Sorry to hear this. I gotta say, when it comes to MBAM's anti-ransomware plugin, it really reaches far into the system and causes delimna's for many things. I'm really at a lost if its due to this feature of MBAM. You might want to try an 'oldie' for a simulated mouse mover. Its called Mouse Jiggler and works likewise..You might have to use compatibility mode on the exe tho. https://mouse-jiggler.en.uptodown.com/windows/download
  8. Have you made an exclusion to the entire folder, and not just the exe program file? Is so, then I'm at a total lost. I've only read about anti-ransomware possibly causing this, or else a graphic driver that might be corrupted or in need of update. Sorry I just thought of something. If it is anti-ransomware related, have you thought about making an exception to the telnet.exe? I'm really out of ideas! lol..Its going to take someone else for this it looks like
  9. ok, thanks for that. I just wasn't sure, since I know nothing about how the 2 programs intermingle
  10. plb4333

    Fresh install

    Until someone comes along, you might want to try this: Exit Malwarebytes again using the icon in bottom tray, Go to a command prompt in start menu, making sure its run with administrator credentials, then type: : sc delete´╗┐ mbamwebprotection Then restart MBAM and let it reinstall the Web protection
  11. plb4333

    Windows Store app is exited

    Hello, since it appears v3.51 of MBAM ties into the OS more than previous versions, you might want to place mbam.exe into your startup folder and disable the auto-start within the MBAM program and see if this helps any. It will start up a little differently, behaviour wise in the OS boot
  12. Just a question is all, until help arrives. Is the CryptoPrevent a new install?
  13. plb4333


    I know what you mean, I've done the same thing myself, that's the beauty of Chrome browser, tons of plugins!
  14. Sounds like the Anti-Ransomware feature, and disabling it would help. It has too many bugs when it comes to files and not releasing its hold/handle
  15. plb4333


    You don't want to just uninstall the toolbar, instead of the whole browser? Did you try ADWcleaner? Just curious is all..:)

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