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  1. The error implies that a hard disk was disconnected or is failing. During the update did you happen to unplug a SSD or HD? Otherwise, I would guess maybe a corrupted download or installation
  2. plb4333

    MBAM slowness

    I've never noticed a slow-down, but wouldn't be too surprised it happen to others. I know the program really checks the traffic and is very sophisticated for what it looks for. Wide-ranging, one could say. Just for my personal opinion, as long as the slow down wasn't too drastic, I would rather have more security that goes 'beyond' what anti-virus softwares do. Checking signatures is one thing when it comes to virii, but when this program checks for much more, such as behaviour and not just web traffic abnormalities, but also windows OS related
  3. I'm guessing you got the original one before you installed MBAM? I'm pretty sure MBAM considers this a risk for download, whether update or full version. I believe that program comes with different program additions that are not recommended for security. Doesn't it come bundled with software, more than itself? What you would have to do since it wasn't downloaded, but blocked, is configure MBAM to make exclusion to the web site, not the program.
  4. From what I've read, and perhaps this has been addressed already with MBAM, but it seems like there's issues when there's 2 different exploit blockers at same time. Seems to be related to that feature. There's been a work-around before on this forum previously that mentioned how to resolve, if this is it. I don't recall exactly, as its been a while, but seems like disabling exploit prevention in Sophos took care of the browser crashes.
  5. Are you using Sophos Home Antivirus as well?
  6. plb4333

    Website safe?

    According to my visit, [mixtape.moe] was fine. Although for [my.mixtape.moe], there is a SSL error, meaning their SSL certificate is not working. It looks to be invalid. Invalid length. They need to be told of this and have their certificate replaced.
  7. Here's a good way. But first disable your Chrome Syncing for bookmarks, if its enabled. Otherwise you might get a synced zero bookmarks from google. This involves getting your bookmarks or bookmarks.bak by dragging and dropping on this website. It then creates a html file for these bookmarks. Then you can import into your Chrome Bookmark Manager, as a html file. https://rongjiecomputer.github.io/chrome/bookmark-recovery/#windows
  8. plb4333

    google.com.bz blocked due to phishing

    Below is what's countered when visiting the web page. This site can not be trusted when the SSL certificate is invalid for reason below. *** An error occurred during a connection to www.google.com.bz. SSL received a record that exceeded the maximum permissible length. Error code: SSL_ERROR_RX_RECORD_TOO_LONG The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified.
  9. plb4333

    EaseusToDo Free Download

    Yeah, I would say its no doubt safe since its a paid version. Its just on the free versions, the company tries to get even..I respect EaseUS and have bought their products over the years. Many of them. Just not right now is all, but they're a good company, IMO.
  10. plb4333

    EaseusToDo Free Download

    YES, Definitely...It should have updates available I would think, if there were any up to now.
  11. plb4333

    EaseusToDo Free Download

    Hi. It was OK to download, nothing happens from that. It's just that for alot of free programs, the companies find other ways to make money or collect your data. In this case, here's what EaseUS TODO Backup free tries to install if you choose to install the backup program. 3 additional programs included in main installer “Search Protect”, “RRSavings” and “PC Drivers”. This might vary a little depending on date of their installers, but this is what the company has done recently anyways. It's not worth it, in my opinion just because of this excessive loading of apps to benefit them more than anything else. Kinda like saying, if you don't pay us for our software, we'll find another way to make money off of you...Remember tho, this is my opinion mostly, even tho it's accurate.
  12. Have you made sure the Npcap Loopback Adapter is enabled?
  13. plb4333

    Possible SSD Issues

    I had just seen where the 970 PRO SSD is rated for 0-70 deg. C.
  14. plb4333

    Possible SSD Issues

    That's really surprising. When I think of SSD, to me they should be able to keep up without the overheating. I'm glad to know this, Thank you

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