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  1. Hello. Make sure you're not running multiple programs sharing the same features. Such as Bullguard and Kaspersky, if they both have firewall protection. Or Bullguard, Kaspersky, MalwareBytes ant-malware. This could explain trouble with firewall. Sometimes people over do it for protection such as running 3-4 programs, each detailing the same safeguards and then conflicts can erupt. Generally 2 programs work well. Such as MalwareBytes and Kaspersky, where Kaspersky has a firewall embedded.
  2. plb4333

    Blocking Office 2013

    Hello. You can try this, it should work out, as this has been going on for a while. Settings: Protection > Advanced settings > *Uncheck* BottomUp ASLR Enforcement option in MS Office column.
  3. plb4333

    MS Office 365 MALWARE !

    All 3 of your programs are known to uninstall Conduit. Sometimes even just removing an unwanted program can remove the search hijacking. If you go through your programs installed, there might be one that looks unknown to you and could be the culprit..
  4. plb4333

    Sharing blocked?

    And you have Remote Desktop Sharing enabled in Services, right? I believe Win10 comes with this option as disabled, if I'm not mistaken
  5. ?? - I thought that changing the startup mbamservice to 'Delayed' prevented this from happening with mbamtray not showing after boot up
  6. plb4333

    Website blocked

    It's hard to say. The problem with those smart url's is that its a type of invisible link. A cloaking you could call it. When this happens, a person has no idea at all where it's going to go to. And the bigger question then becomes, why the need to make the re-direction a link that doesn't allow you to see it beforehand? It's a 50/50 scenario, but a scenario where there's a disguise going on. Not good
  7. Hello. You might want to try the MBAM chrome browser extension. It works very well and avoids alot of issues between MBAM 3.51-3.61 and Chrome, especially with Chrome's extensions.. Worth a try. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/search/malwarebytes browser extension
  8. For that error: It looks like it wasn't connecting to https://downloads.malwarebytes.com/file/mb3/ for the download. I would click the link above to do the download manually, or you could just repeat the process you already tried, again.
  9. plb4333

    What is a "qrc"?

    'qrc' = Qt resource files The Qt resource system is a platform-independent mechanism for storing binary files in the application's executable. This is useful if your application always needs a certain set of files (icons, translation files, etc.) and you don't want to run the risk of losing the files. The resource system is based on tight cooperation between qmake, rcc (Qt's resource compiler), and QFile. MBAM has alot of QT files. -- Qt5Core.dll is one of them..
  10. The Email is not legitimate for MalwareBytes
  11. Please don't take offense, in case this was checked beforehand, but you do have PUP detections set to 'Always', right? In MBAM...
  12. Hello. I'm not sure if this issue has been fixed or not. But I would say, be sure to have Malwarebytes fully updated. Doing the update at the bottom of dashboard window only updates the definitions, but up higher there's a button for updating the Application itself.
  13. plb4333

    Is there a current beta?

    Here's what I show for Friday:
  14. Do you have 'Fast Startup' enabled in Win10? If so, disable it in order to get the program to acknowledge your key and save the proper file on disk.
  15. The error implies that a hard disk was disconnected or is failing. During the update did you happen to unplug a SSD or HD? Otherwise, I would guess maybe a corrupted download or installation

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