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  1. Website: www.vorpx.com False Positive: vorpConfig.exe (Malware.Heuristic.1003) vorpConfig.zip fpreport.txt
  2. I get this too for the whole losrios.edu domain (ARC, CRC, D2L, etc.)
  3. Same. GeForce Experience now fails to scan for games.
  4. A component of CodeBlocks (cb_share_config.exe) has been detected as a Trojan.BitCoinMiner. Today is the first time it has been detected as such. CodeBlocks was installed using this official download link: http://sourceforge.net/projects/codeblocks/files/Binaries/16.01/Windows/codeblocks-16.01mingw-setup.exe FalsePositive.txt cb_share_config.zip
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