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  1. It may need to download the update (if the downloaded binaries don't include the latest yet), but the worst of it should just require a restart of MBAM once you've downloaded the update on a new install.
  2. Restart Malwarebytes if it isn't already running, have it check for updates and download the new protection update. Close it and have it relaunch - it should work, and if not, stop the service, close the program, restart the service and then launch again.
  3. Now confirmed, remaining stable at a bit over 1% of total RAM. Much appreciated.
  4. Hate to say it, but not all cases seem to be like yours. I'm already up to nearly 20% of total RAM used again.
  5. Agreed, this should be a WATCH thread, given the number we have. Lock and sticky.
  6. Well, since we have a main thread for this now: start keeping an eye on this post for any further updates.
  7. Take it up with them, don't just quote me. And this is as "pinned" as it needs to be - it's a HOT topic.
  8. There was one many pages back; they are aware, pushed an update package that they hoped would address, and were waiting on people to update and confirm the issue again.
  9. I've finally given up for the time being and had to kill the process and service pair. Naturally, this is an outcome I didn't want to reach, but if it needs to be done, it needs to be done.
  10. Just updated to newest package... and it's already climbed back to 20% of total system RAM.
  11. One on last page, they anticipate releasing a potential fix within the next 10 minutes, I believe.
  12. I've ended up soft-locked in full-screen apps two days ago because of this massive amount of memory usage. I'm going to plainly say this: It needs to be fixed!!!
  13. Cheers and thanks for the quick response. Any information needed to look into further?
  14. The process evelauncher.exe (launcher file for MMOG Eve Online) was terminated as an active process and quarantined as a detected ransomware of type Malware.Ransom.Agent.Generic. The launcher and client have more dynamic patching capabilities, but nothing that should behave as ransomware. I have attached my MBAMservice.log file. MBAMSERVICE.LOG
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