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  1. Hi, So what i mean when i say my computer is running slower is that when i try to run games, the fps in the game that my comp ran on significantly decreased. Also it takes significantly longer to load processes like google chrome than before. Thanks
  2. Hi Ron So i ran the test and it passed with no errors. Thanks
  3. I followed the instructios in the PDF however my driver wasnt detected in the Drive Fitness Test. My drive model no. is hgst hts541010a9e680 Thanks
  4. Hi Ron, The link that you have given me had a website that displayed the HGST links for the driver test but i couldnt access the website for some reason. Saying the site can not be reached. Sorry for the late reply Thanks
  5. Hi Ron, So i tried the kaspersky and it came up with no threats detected after the scan.
  6. Hi Ron, I tried the suggestion to reset chrome, however it didn't do anything. My computer is still running slow compared to what it was before. Thanks
  7. Hi, I originally created a topic here and was told to create a new topic in this specific area, These are the logs that are requested in the guidelines. Thank you for your assistance. AdwCleaner[C00].txt Addition.txt FRST.txt
  8. Hello exile360, I used the ADWCleaner after not having any threats detected using the threat scan for malwarebytes. On the ADWCleaner however, i found 2 threats and followed the removal process. However it didnt fix the issue so i am going to create a topic in the malware removal section. I will contact you again once my system is clean for malware Thank you for you assistance
  9. Hi, My computer started suddenly running extremely slow for some apparent reason. I am having trouble fixing this problem and would be grateful if someone could look into this. I am currently running a full scan using Malwarebytes in order to check if it has something to do with a virus, but the scan has been going for over 10 hrs and still hasn't completed. Thank You for your support
  10. Here are the notifications after i pressed the Microsoft Corp notification
  11. I did the windows repair, followed all your instructions and the microsoft corp notification still pops up after restart/ Should i just allow it to make changes to my computer?
  12. While i was running the program it randomly just stops working even though i didn't touch anything. Here's a screenshot of the problem. Please Respond ASAP Thank You
  13. Sorry For the extremely late response, i was on holiday. After the steps that you have instructed me to do the Microsoft Corp notification still pops up after each restart of the computer. There was no log for the Mbar as there were no threats detected by Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit BETA Addition.txt FRST.txt
  14. It still crashes, do i press yes to the microsoft corp?
  15. I'm sorry the picture might be hard to see. Fixlog_25-05-2017 21.12.47.txt rk_B0CD.tmp.txt Zenma Log.txt AdwCleaner[C0].txt
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