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  1. okay, is there ever going to be an option to where when you upgrade the server that when the clients check in they will auto download the updated version?
  2. Thanks for the help. Got me what I was wanting I think.
  3. I just downloaded the current MBES and installed it on my server. I notice that the versions are different then what I have installed on my clients. My question is will the clients pull down the upgraded software or do I have to push it down or is there another way to do that. I did use the client push option for one, just to see what the version difference is.
  4. Hello, A GPO that will get the endpoints ready for the MMC to push out the client. It says in the install guide that you have to: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 endpoint preparation  From the Windows Start Menu, launch Control Panel  Launch Network and Sharing Center by double-clicking on its icon  Select Change advanced sharing settings from the menu on the left side of the screen  Click the arrow to the right of All Networks or Domain (dependent on network environment).  Turn on Network discovery, File sharing and Printer sharing.  Click the Save changes button  Close the Control Panel screen. And I was wanting to see if anyone had a GPO that accomplished the above?
  5. Hello, we are new to using MBES. I have everything installed on the server, however, when I scan I only find a few computers. I suspect this is due to the endpoints not being set right. Does anyone have a GPO that they use to prep their endpoints for a push install that they would be willing to share? Jessie
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