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  1. Gentlemen I believe We can call this topic closed, I am hear to report success, Dark Mode is so much easier to look at.
  2. Yes, I've noticed, not a lot are getting through though, My connection is at best weak.
  3. Green across the board so far, it seems to want to update every time I go but with the reception I get in My AO it has trouble completing.
  4. Yes, that is the recent one, it hasn't given any notifications since.
  5. If I am not violating any forum rules by posting on this topic, now it's saying there's another version ready for download, but mine says its current.
  6. Hasn't seemed to solve the problem, and whats more is every time I try the download it shuts off realtime protection when I try.
  7. Greetings Fellow Forumites. I've been getting a popup that says "A new and improved version is available click to install free of charge" but every time I click on it it checks for a few seconds and then says current. needless to say I am a bit confused, what Version are We on? I am currently running Windows 7 64, with Version
  8. A long story, A Brown out gave Me a heaping helping of OS corruption and lost basically everything including password to this site, had to reinstall from the ground up, I apologize for the lack of Communications, Porthos.
  9. Thank You, Porthos, You've saved this user a lot of money and a Migraine.
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