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  1. Hi Maurice. One of my problems when I posted here was the dispair of having to delete some files but not being able to, because they were all the time coming back from the trash, even without me doing any action to have them back. I didn't try to delete any file since we began our work here. SO, that's why I asked you if there was time already to delete some stuff.
  2. Hi Maurice. Things are great here! What about u? Well, I did'nt try to delete anything yet. I am just cleaning up the notebook from all threats and not installing or doing anything else than working and watching some movies 😃 Is it time to try to delete some stuff? 😃
  3. Hi Maurice. The Windows restarted and nothing showed up... 😃
  4. FInally! Sorry, it took me some time to have a life and finish this. =( msert.log
  5. Hi Maurice! Lost the charger., sorry for the delay. I will restart our procedures now.
  6. Hi Maurice! My notebook restarted in the process. Should I run it again? Here's the log! Thank you again. 😃 msert.log
  7. Hi Maurice! They did have 3 findings I know I need. Nothing else has showed. =D
  8. Thank you very much Maurice. My weekend was very relaxing! And yours? Hope you had some fun 😃 Here's my log. AdwCleaner clean log.txt
  9. Hi Maurice! How are you today? I took some time to scan over and over the notebook once I wasn't sure I checked all the itens at: When the scan phase is done, be real sure you Review and have all detected lines items check-marked on each line on the left. That too is very critical.!" I made several scans, gave it some time, scanned agind and there aren't infections anymore. I think. Is that it? =D
  10. Hello Maurice. Thank you very much for your help! I will try to answer you asap. It's a great thing you are doing here. Those are the results. I was scanning the notebook when I saw your message. WIll not move anything to quarantine or slt until I am allowed to. 😃 Here's my log. Thank you very much. mbst-grab-results.zip
  11. Hi! I would need some help cleaning my notebook from malware and some viruses. I scan it every day until there are not more threads BUT every day they come back. My notebook is also running low in storage and all the files I delete are coming back from the trash, even thought it is deleted and cleaned every day. Can someone help me, pleaase?
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