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  1. @exile360 Are you running a preview release of Chrome? As far as I understand, this feature never made it to the stable release.
  2. I am using Rufus 3.10 to write an Windows 10 ISO to a flash drive. The problem is not with Rufus. It works just fine. The problem is that other programs start to lock up. Most notably, Google Chrome becomes sluggish and unresponsive. If I disable ransomware protection, this problem goes away.
  3. @Maurice Naggar I have tested Rufus with all of the features enabled after updating to component 1.0.961, but unfortunately, the issue still persists.
  4. Supposedly this will resolve the issue, but I have not tried it yet and therefore cannot confirm it:
  5. My guess is something is wrong with the ransomware protection. I'm seeing the Sourcetree issue on Windows 10 v1909, but when I tried to upgrade to v2004, I saw problems with other programs as well.
  6. I've observed SourceTree performing poorly as well. I thought it was just a SourceTree problem, but it seems the turning off Malwarebytes improves performance for me as well. Perhaps it's not SourceTree that's the problem, but Git since it's very I/O intensive?
  7. Since I used CloneZilla to restore my machine, the version is the one that was installed before I upgraded.
  8. @Porthos For now, I've chosen to roll back to the previous build. Once Malwarebytes 4.1.1 goes stable, I'll give it another shot. I just wanted to report this.
  9. It seems I cannot edit my post, so I am posting again: I am confident that this issue is related to Malwarebytes because I have been able to reproduce this same behavior on three independent machines, and in all cases, I was able to work around the issue in the way I described above.
  10. I'm seeing a weird issue on Windows 10 2004 even after updating to the BETA version. When I try to use Rufus to make a bootable USB from the Windows 10 2004 x64 ISO, towards the end of the progress, Chrome becomes very laggy and web pages stop loading properly. It seems that if I disable Ransomware Protection, the issue goes away, but this is of course not an ideal solution.
  11. Hello all, I've noticed that on my laptop, scheduled take hours to complete after upgrading to Malwarebytes 4. This is not the case on my desktop, although I think the scans still take a little longer than they did with 3. This is not causing any problems for me, but I am curious as to what has changed to cause this. Is this deliberate or is this a bug?
  12. Good to know. Thanks! I temporarily disabled Malware detection, launched the installer, then re-enabled it before completing the install and doing so allowed the install to finish, but a DLL was blocked. I believe it was something Fusioncore related. Whatever the case, I did not get any third-party programs bundled with the installer. I guess the DLL being removed prevented them from showing up. I have checked my system too, and nothing is present.
  13. I am trying to update to CDex 2.15 (currently using 2.05) from the https://cdex.mu/ website and I keep getting this error message when I try to run the installer. Is this a false-positive? The installer is included in the attached zip. CDex-2.15.zip
  14. Understood. The point that I am trying to make is that I did not expect the license to be picked up. I thought that the clone would just deactivate its copy instead of killing my real machine's copy too. I will contact them.
  15. Hello all, Two weekends ago when I was testing a CloneZilla clone of my computer in a virtual machine, my Malwarebytes license deactivated itself because it apparently had been detected as in use on too many computers. (I did not catch it until now because Malwarebytes deactivated silently, which is very poor design on Malwarebytes' part, but I digress.) Anyway, when I tried to reactivate it using my key, I was not able to do so. I tried using the "Deactivate other computers" option, but this key is from the amnesty program from a few years ago and is therefore not tied to an account. Is
  16. @LOUISEHOGLUND I am not sure if you are aware of this, but you just posted your e-mail address publicly for anyone who comes across this post to see.
  17. @miekiemoes Thanks for sharing that. I've installed it on multiple computers and I've never seen that. Unless I just habitually close it without paying attention.
  18. That shouldn't make it a PUP though. There's nothing unusual about a free version of a program encouraging you to buy the paid version.
  19. Oh okay. Should I add it to my exceptions list then? YTD is a program that I've voluntarily installed on my machine. Is it malicious in some way or does it just have a bad reputation from being bundled with some sketchy software?
  20. Oh wow. That's a shame really. That website really had the potential to be useful for helping me learn OpenGL. ? Thanks for keeping me (and others) safe! ?
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