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  1. 3.0 was released months ago. https://blogs.windows.com/windowsexperience/2017/04/25/windows-10-creators-update-rollout-first-phase-update/#gPolRdBIrkkcfvew.97 Two weeks ago, we began rolling out the Windows 10 Creators Update. Today, I’d like to share some insights into the feedback we’re hearing, and some specific ways we plan to use that feedback to adjust our rollout process. As we previously announced, the first phase of the rollout targets newer devices. Based on testing work done with our OEM hardware and ISV app partners, we believe these devices will have the best possible update experience and help us decide when it’s time to begin the next phase of the rollout. Well, good for you. As had been stated repeatedly, the cause of the problem was not intuitive. It was logical to presume there was something wrong with Office itself, so a repair of the installation is the first logical step, taking some time.
  2. Did they install it manually, or, did you merely ASSume they installed it manually? Perhaps they have a first-wave device that received it automatically, such as a Surface. Further, where did they say they installed a "new version of...MB"?
  3. Awesome! Thank you for your work, and I apologize if my comments seemed personal toward any MB staff.
  4. LOL, "professional." Curious that the two self-proclaimed "professionals" are who injected the crude insults into this thread. When I help people solve their computer problems, I never make them feel stupid (even if they are stupid), nor do I belittle them for being human, also known as being frustrated. I guess we have very different stances on what "service" to others means.
  5. I would. And does it matter how many would ignore it? You assume that those who encounter the problem know it's MBAM causing the problem, when in fact there is no intuitiveness to that. MBAM refusing to allow Word to save? Why, it's so obvious, right? Yes, it's just so easy for you (or me), but that's not the point. It can take hours to figure out, in the blind, especially for those less adept. The point is, wasted effort, when the temporary fix is so easy. Much is being made about the "don't manually install" recommendation, but the fact of the matter is this: the MBAM/Word-Office problem can occur just as easily on the first phase hardware (e.g., Surfaces) that's it's being pushed out to. And yes, it's being pushed out...there is no suspension of the roll-out, except to systems with known hardware issues. I would like knowledge of the temporary fix disseminated far and wide. That hasn't happened. The perma-fix can arrive as it can. If only you had to say that face-to-face to any of the users frustrated to no end with the problem, working blindly to solve it. Especially in the middle of something time-critical. Oh, wow. No, we're just subscribing customers, who cares about those people... (I don't believe MB staff believes this, only you) Can we pay you in four weeks, when it's due yesterday? Have some patience!
  6. As I noted, I have encountered exactly TWO problems, one corrected in two minutes with a driver update. The other problem was something known by a software vendor, yet no attempt was made to actively outreach to those who would be affected by it. The IObit forum is not an "official Microsoft statement." Microsoft's statement - released AFTER I had installed CU - addresses the fact that some users experience trouble with HARDWARE. As I noted, that HARDWARE problem was easily corrected by an intuitive driver update. Here's the actual M$ statement: https://blogs.windows.com/windowsexperience/2017/04/25/windows-10-creators-update-rollout-first-phase-update/#qFiM7AGHoQK0P6gL.97 Manual update is recommended against, but not prohibited. Only in the case of known-serious hardware issues is manual update prohibited. Many users will not see this post - it's not noted on the product page I posted earlier, and you can whine all you like about trusting marketing. Optimum user experience is my priority - it may not be yours - and it's not Microsoft's, either. Proactive solutions are far better than reactive ones. The sorry state of affairs in computing, especially for end-users, is because of poor attitudes. It is unconscionable to simply sit on knowledge of a major problem. Period, end of story. The fix can't be released for weeks? Fine. The workaround is easy enough, but the cause is so bizarre it takes hours to ferret out the problem. You sure make lots of ASSumptions about people. I'm not "crying" about my experience. I am highly concerned about the fact thousands more people will receive CU, either manually or automatically, before the MBAM fix is issued. I know you don't give a sh*t, but I do. Who are you a proxy for?
  7. #1) I'm not a business. #2) this is the current CU product page, as of one minute ago: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/features - "Windows 10 keeps getting better - the Creators Update includes new innovations, features and security capabilities. To ensure the best experience the update rolls out via auto-updates when your PC is ready. Or if you want to get the update now, download the Update Assistant." The Update Assistant said my "PC [was] ready," so I installed it. It is NOT "pre-release," nor "beta.". #3) Yes, Microsoft holds blame here. But the fact remains, MB has known for over two weeks that MBAM doesn't play nice with CU, to the point of crippling a very important application. Your post is the classic "blame the victim." So far, I've encountered two problems with CU: the MBAM problem, and a wonky WiFi card. The MBAM problem took me two hours to figure out. The WiFi card problem? Two MINUTES, by simply updating the Intel driver. The WiFi problem - a hardware compatibility problem - is the main reason Microsoft quickly issued the press release to not install CU manually.
  8. M$ may have issued the Windows update that conflicted with MBAM leading to a critical problem with Word/Office, but MB has known for over two weeks about it, and has neither issued an emergency fix nor made a reasonable effort to alert users about the work-around. "The next couple of weeks" translates to thousands of users encountering headaches, frustration, lost work, and possibly more. If the perma-fix is not do-able for some time, a mass alert is absolutely essential.
  9. Exactly my concern about a not-immediate fix. MB staff: if an immediate fix is not technically possible, for whatever reason, how about a mass-email to all MBAM users alerting them to the problem, and the temporary fix pending the real fix? It wouldn't reach everyone, but it would mitigate some of the countless hours wasted - and frustration experienced.
  10. This must be a Priority One level fix. If the problem is fixed in MBAE already, surely there is not much more to do to correct MBAM itself? I love MBAM and recommend it to everyone. However, this issue has seriously damaged my confidence in the program and Malwarebytes the company. We're looking at two weeks already, and the problem will become a disaster very shortly as Creators Update rolls out to more and more users. I manually updated to CU, because I'm technically adept, but most folks are not. I was working in Word last night, and only discovered the problem when Word locked up during an attempt to save. It took me about two hours to figure out the problem, after reinstalling Office and looking around online when that didn't work. Fortunately, I found a link on the Microsoft forums to this thread. I turned off Word protection as instructed in post 2, and everything's fine again, except for the lack of protection. But that's not the primary issue; it's the fact people are going to run into a very frustrating and crippling problem that is not intuitively correctable.
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