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  1. Thank you adas, very much appreciate the heads up and link. I wasn't aware of that so I'll just purchase a new license for my MAC in that case. Best, Andrew
  2. Thanks for the advice alvarnell and lock. I'll contact support and ask them what my options are.
  3. Hi, I still have a number of valid lifetime licenses I purchased for Malwarebytes Premium, but recently purchased a MAC computer and want to use one of them on the MAC. Problem is that the Licenses I have are in the format: ID: XXXXX-XXXXX Key: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX The MAC Malwarebytes only wants a License Key and does not accept the Key: as shown above as a valid entry to Activate the License. How can I convert the above format license into a format the MAC will accept? Many thanks for any help. Andrew
  4. Been a Malwarebytes user and affiliate for years and years and despite the very odd hiccup with an update or two, continue to love and recommend the product to all my clients! The Wallpaper page is a great idea- Love it and intend to download the lot. The one thing that amazes me is how many talented graphics artists exist on this forum. Some of the user created wallpapers are amazing. Keep em coming! ? Cheers... Andrew
  5. I've posted objections to Malwarebytes claiming it makes other AV's obsolete almost since the day the claim was made and my position hasn't changed. Like Porthos above, I beleive that Malwarebytes is an excellent additional layer of defence, but in no way can it be considered a replacement antivirus as it simply can not catch everything - no antivirus can! How many layers of protection one needs will always depend on the user's web surfing and email attachment habits. I easily get away with minimal protection from a couple of high rated products, like Defender and Malwarebytes Premium
  6. Many thanks blender.. will have a good read of that post now.
  7. Hi, sorry for the newb type question, but is there a correct way to report a false positive from within Malwarebytes itself after a custom scan on a file? Please see pic below.. The file I custom scanned for this question I've used for many years, If I wanted to report the file as being identified as a Potentieally Unwanted Program (or a file that is claimed to be infected) as a false positive after the scan, is there a way to do it from within Malwarebytes Premium rather than just post it on the forum? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Many thanks..
  8. I've had this happen to me once as well as once to my son. Both of us have Lifetime Licenses to Malwarebytes. Troubleshooting how it happens is damn hard as by the time you realise it's happened, windows logs have either rolled off. Would love to know what causes it. If anyone finds a reason, please ping me! Thanks.. Andrew
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