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  1. how do i configure ie i have set it to max but it still cant block 2 and 3
  2. ups ublock origin works today maybe tomorrow it also works tomorrow still how do i limit the good pop up
  3. http://www.popuptest.com/goodpopups.html how do limit pop up block number 4 and 2
  4. i think it not a problem it just need more blocking protocol there
  5. but maybe malwarebytes dont have to do it because google is thinking about it https://youtu.be/TxFNKBIsTqo?t=13m57s
  6. it more like to detect site there wont close i have try when site makes itself full screen and display sound and auto play video and wont close that asks again and again
  7. try this site https://www.masterani.me/anime/watch/2545-warau-salesman-new/4 you click on the video a pop up comes but the video starts reload the page start the video the pages opens i have ad block and javascript block they only works 50 % procent of the time
  8. malwarebytes should close the and pop up when i get directed to the site in another window in-sted of just showing their logo and that it was a unsafe site
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