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  1. I see clients started auto-updating to MBAE Ver. this morning. Hurray. Can turn the IE shield back on.
  2. Malwarebytes Team - If the feedback continues as positive, how soon will you release it so that it is available to auto-update via the management console? Just trying to see if I need to dedicate more time to package/test/deploy. Thanks.
  3. Good news here too... installed MBAE on a couple of PCs and IE now works as expected. Will test further, and monitor this topic for others' feedback.
  4. To work around this you can usually click a 2nd and then 3rd tab in IE and then hit the home button and the page will open. It does leave hung IEXPLORE processes that need to be killed later I just heard back from tech support and sent them additional logs. Hoping for a quick fix as the problem is spreading for us. Would like a workaround in the meantime where I can leave MBAE enabled but maybe just turn off an advanced setting for IE until the real fix comes.
  5. We are also having the same problem since mid last week and just determined it's caused by MBAE this morning. I've opened business support case with MB team this morning and uploaded MBAE logs. Pending response.
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