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  1. Nikilet, surely it would make sense for all information to be included in one thread, rather than have 50 threads all with the same info. Fredvries stated that 5.34.6207 is clean, when Malwarebytes clearly thinks it isn't. My reply is directly relevant to your post and the reply given by Fredvries. No wonder the internet is as clogged up as it is.
  2. I'm running 5.34.6207, and Malwarebytes has reported the infected .exe file during an overnight scan. I have a 64bit system, which allegedly isn't compromised, but I'm not convinced Is CCleaner still an issue?
  3. Oh mate. I'm sorry you feel that something I pay for doesn't need to work.
  4. Yeah, that's not a good answer "Yes, we know the brakes we fitted to your car don't work, but the engine is what fundamentally keeps a car going, so drive as fast as you like"
  5. @dcollins With respect Devin, the cause is irrelevant. The fact is that this issue has been manifesting itself ever since the first release of v3, and you seem unable to fix it once and for all. You may have fixed the bug causing today's database-specific failure, but what about every other thread complaining that protection modules turn themselves off randomly and can't be restarted? It's been 6 months, and I'm sure lots of people are increasingly losing faith in your ability to provide a stable product
  6. You understand what this software is designed to do and, when it doesn't work, there may be no way back for some? Bottom line is that these things shouldn't happen, and there is no room for apologists in this discussion. We are talking about critical defences against malware. Don't make me start quoting their website and all the promises it makes.
  7. *u** that *h*t. It's not 4am here in the UK, and the product they sold me doesn't work. A company of their alleged global standing doesn't have 24hr support? That sums all this up perfectly
  8. 2 hiccups in 10 years? You've been one of the lucky ones if that's the case. For some of us, this has been regular since they released v3 And by "regular", I mean "constant", so please quit with the flippant remarks just because you're okay. This is a massive ongoing issue, and MWB need to acknowledge that. Perhaps this thread will now prompt them to do something once and for all to fix a fatal bug that has now been around for 6 months
  9. Given the swarm of posts in this thread in the past 20 minutes, I suspect it's related to either an update install or some other "routine" act by MWB. Either way, my licence is up in 36 days, and I'm seriously considering not renewing, and finding an alternative
  10. Someone will be along shortly to tell you that it isn't a widespread problem, and that it must be an issue on your PC, despite tons of threads in these forums which demonstrate otherwise. They'll demand you post logs and then tell you to uninstall MWB and reinstall it. Bottom line is that they broke it with the release of V3, and are clearly unable to fix it.
  11. That's the thing, it's just too wide a problem to be blamed on individual machines. As it happens, my PC is actually pretty well specced. I build my own machines, so I know it's not underpowered in any way.
  12. I ran mb-clean (again) last night and allowed it to reinstall v3.0.6. v3.0.4 was the version removed, as auto-update hadn't applied the new version(s). Fingers crossed, all modules are still active, I'm still not convinced that the problem won't show itself again, but we'll see. Time will tell.
  13. And therein lies part of the problem. I've been following all the threads and replies on here, which always solved the problem only for it to return. That I waited until now to post shows how much of an issue it now is, not how little. As it stands, there are sticky threads for all manner of problems and potential solutions, including automatic updates not being applied. One would hope that software which has been around for as long as MWB, even as v3, would by by now be stable.
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