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  1. With using Edge not FF. Not when no browser was open.
  2. Have not seen that block notification today. I did not know Bitdefender was in there. I have deleted it.
  3. I do not have Comodo at all. I have Webroot and MBAM. Windows defender is off. I am thinking that this blocked site if you read it is part of MS Edge browser that I am using. See above attachment I post3ed right after "application".
  4. cilkonlay.com comes up every couple minutes and is blocked. Can't find it. How do I stop this and what is it?
  5. Yeah, me too. That's the standard procedure w/MBAM. Uninstall and reinstall. My time will be up in 3/18 and then Goodbye!
  6. I get a red triangle on the MBAM icon in the task trey to check for updates. When I click to get updates, I get a box saying updates not current. It keeps doing this each time I click to get the updates. Finally, after rebooting, that goes away until the next day. I don't understand what is happening with this. Do you? I find it to be real nuisance! If this is what it takes to use this, then I am all OUT and will not renew my subscripton. Malware version 3.2.2 component pkg 1.0.212 update pkg 1.0.3139
  7. After I followed Firefox's link it still is nagging me!
  8. Since I tried a few times running the 3.x.x version and had some problems running it on my HP g6 notebook, I downloaded the V2.2.1 ver and have been using it with no problems. I have been getting nuisance messages to install the newest version. I like the 2.2.1 version and not very inclined to install the newest issue. Reading the postings on the mbam 3.xx site, there seems to me that there are many problems with the new version. I would be afraid to install it at this point. Mbam update version notifications is like Microsoft nuisance messages.
  9. Thank you for your prompt response. I am going to wait a few weeks and watch to postings relevant to the newer version before I convert to it. So far as I previously related, the 2.2.1 version is running with no problems.
  10. Can you install over Do you have a link that works?
  11. I started out subscribing to MBAM 3.0.xxxxx. Had nothing but problems on my 8Gig HP Pavilion. It was sucking up my CPU resources and practically slowing my computer to a crawl. Then went to,,, Still had problems. So I download a previous version Runs fine, no problems. Would like to know if the techs at MBAM are ever going to get this issue corrected? I see many posts where people are still having problems. I also see now there is a newer version which I am not now inclined to try. Does anyone have any clue as to what is happening with t
  12. Very strange. Why is it that on 3/17 when I subscribed to MBW and did the install, did not have any issue with it until April. That doesn't make any sense to me. Nothing was added to this computer. Prior to this I was using the free version of MWB and there was no problem with that.
  13. Well, I am back at 57% and 67 processes. Attaching screen shots of processes fyi.
  14. Right now 67 processes and cpu at 29% after uninstalling MWB. But it jumps around, again at 19% then can go up to 40%
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