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  1. Using the link that was provided, I downloaded and installed Malwarebytes Premium on two of three computers; one running Windows 10 Home v1703 (spare PC) and one running Windows 10 Pro v1703 (my PC). Both installations were error free. I'll update my wife's computer (Windows 10 Pro v1703) a little later after I've had more time with the new version. Seems okay so far, thanks!!!!!! :)

  2. Just wanted to add that I'm in the process of setting up a new Dell XPS-8910 Desktop with Windows 10 Professional and Office 2016 Professional. Windows 10 Pro has been updated with the Creators Update. I held off installing Malwarebytes on this new PC because of the reported issues with Office 2016, but when I saw the comment that the Office 2016 issues were resolved and v., with the fixes, had been released, I downloaded and installed the new version this morning. So far, no problems and my Lifetime License was activated without any issues!

    Thanks to the Malwarebytes Team, good job!! I'll provide an update if any issues arise.


  3. dcollins: I read another thread in this forum that problems existed with Office 2016 applications and the Creators Update. It is nice to hear that a fix is in the works for the next Malwarebytes release because I have a new computer arriving at the end of next week that will have Office 2016 Pro installed.

    However, as a data point, my current computer has Office 2010 Pro installed and is running the Windows 10 Pro Creators update; so far the latest version of Malwarebytes doesn't seem to be causing me any problems with the Office applications.

  4. I have a Lifetime License also, installed on 2 Desktops and 1 Laptop computer. My Desktop had been offering the 3X update for a while, but from reading this forum I was reluctant to do so and stayed with 2X. However, after I updated my computer to Windows 10 Pro Creators version and read that Malwarebytes and component package version 1.0.103 had been released; I performed an over the top update by selecting “OK” in the Malwarebytes Popup Update Window.


    For me it was a smooth and problem free update and I haven’t had any problems; Malwarebytes seems to be working properly. However, following both the Creators update and the update to Malwarebytes 3X, I do notice a few slowdowns in my system, but nothing I can specifically attribute to either update. Although, after a Malwarebytes daily scheduled scan, my system does seem slower than usual, but a system restart fixes that.


    I’ll probably hold off updating my wife’s Desktop and my Laptop until the Creators update is installed and tested on them.

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