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  1. Had already done as above. I already had ver 3.06 running. but used tool to uninstall then reinstall from the link. Results are the same, anti heap spraying for browser blocks Firefox opening. Have tried on Windows 7 x32 machine with same results. Unistalled there and went back to MB ver 2x along with Anti Exploit (with anti heap spraying protection) and all OK there. logs.zip FRST.txt Addition.txt
  2. I may have posted this in the wrong place before. I had Malwarebytes 2 and Anti Exploit working fine on my WIn 7 x64 Home laptop. I allowed it to update to ver3 and found it blocked Firefox from opening (along with pop-up message saying it did). Finally discovered if I turned OFF anti heap spraying for browsers Firefox could again work fine. Just plain separates Anti Exploit had anti heap spraying active but worked fine with Firefox. No changes had been made to Firefox before updating to Ver 3. I have tried disabling all add-ons in Firefox but no change.
  3. With Malwarebytes ver 2 AND Anti-Exploit installed everything was fine. Since updating to ver3, Firefox is blocked from opening as long as anti heap spraying for browser is active. Once turned OFF, Firefox opens as expected. This is Windows 7 Home 64. Anti heap spraying had been active in Anti Exploit and browsers worked fine. I have tried disabling all add-ons in Firefox but no help.
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