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  1. Infected

    I've got no more questions, everything is perfect now so thank you one more time
  2. Infected

    Everything is working perfectly fine now, no popups or any problems ( after months of dealing with them, this is a blessing) I really appreciate your help, you saved me :-) Thank you so very much, have an awesome day!
  3. Infected

    Okay, since the first fix annoying poppups stopped appearing, now there is not even trace of them! I am not sure If i correctly uninstalled ad block's I had, i right clicked them in browser and uninstalled that way, and installed one you told me to. Redirections and popups are gone for now, so I am very happy and thankful to you !
  4. Infected

    Hey, I've done the following uninstalling, with 1 problem: I successfully uninstalled all the programs you asked me to, except AVG PC Tune up. I fount it in control panel -> uninstall programs,but upon right clicking it, i only get "change" option, unlike for other programs that got uninstall option as well. I deleted whole AVG folder instead, and all the other programs you asked me. Then I ran the fix, and here is the log of it. Thank you very much Fixlog.txt
  5. Infected

    Hello Yoan, and thank you very much for your assistance! I did uninstall spybot and Zemana. About wondershare, I downloaded it recently, about 4 days ago, when trying to record some video, and I remember I wasn't satisfied with it, so I maybe did uninstall some part of it, but I still have wondershare folder in my computer, with files in it. I am not going to uninstall anything now, as you asked me to, I will just follow your instructions right now and not touch anything. I did run FRST fix, it was completed successfully, and after It completed, it restarted my PC. Here is the fix log you asked me for, and thank you very much for your help, i really appreciate it! Also, 1 more question: am I allowed to play games while we are in process of diagnostic and fixing this malware problem? Regards Fixlog.txt
  6. Infected

    I forgot to add, and I can't find edit option, that this redirects and poppups aren't the biggest issue. They are active for months now on PC, but today, for the first time, I had INgame notification that my account have just been logged in from different PC, and then I noticed some changes done to it, so I am afraid that my PC is infected with keylogger as well, or some sort of other virus.
  7. Infected

    Hello, and thanks in advance I'm having following problem: I am, now for months, facing annoying poppups, in google chrome. They are getting more and more aggressive, now even redirecting my opened tabs, reloading pages etc. I've run Malwarebytes( multiple times, according to tutorial), also ADWcleaner, and my NOD32 was active at the all time ( so i got infected while it was active), and nod32 scan didn't find anything either. I've deleted utorrent as advised, and I'm putting here the logs I got from FRST64.exe program. Thank you very much Addition.txt FRST.txt