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  1. Thanks for the replies, and I'm really looking forward to the priority options. @Telos and @Firefox, it's not necessarily just about making sure games or resource-intensive tasks pause scans. The silent while gaming feature doesn't affect most people who aren't gamers like me and I bet there are people that want frequent scans while working. I would hate if the engineers read this and thought that adding the silent option is a fix. It seems there must've been some miscommunication when 3.0 was built, around CPU scheduling and the desire for speed, because I can't think of a use case where a customer would value background scans over what they're doing at the moment, including technicians who care about turnover time, since they're usually doing other things on the machine while running scans anyway.
  2. While gaming, if MB starts a scan, fps starts dropping down to 10 even on light games. Not only did this never happen on MB 2, but I'm running an i7 4790k and a radeon 280x with 16 GBs of RAM, an 850 EVO SSD, and nothing else running in the background. MB is the only security software on the computer. I have several computers with win7 and win10 with these problems since the big update. Even when not scanning, links being clicked on different programs are taking a lot longer to open in a browser. Just awful response times between programs. Otherwise everything is fine when I don't start MB 3. I noticed in a previous thread, the reply was something along the lines of "it finishes the scan faster by using more power," which by common sense, should never be a security software feature. Like a good waiter, it should be invisible until you need it. It's starting to seem like a permanent issue since it hasn't been prioritized since launch, so I'm hoping by adding on to the pile of complaints, you get enough requests to change MB 3. Also, big compliments to whoever worked on version 2, that was probably the best security software ever made and we won't see its likes again.
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