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  1. Some time ago my Firefox browser was infected by anonymous adware extension without name (as shown in the provided pictures), It even doesnt have a remove button, this extension put advertisment in the search results under the prtener name: "ads by adpartener.asia", I used Adwcleaner but it didnt find the root, I ran Malwarebytes and it found it's source as a registery value as shown in the pictures, I delete it by Malwarebytes but it still comes back after sometime, I don't have any suspicious program to think that this is the installer, so how can I remove it ?
  2. I have a very similar shortcut virus as in topic: I've followed steps but when it comes to run frst from desktop it dosn't run (like any anti program). I assume that Fixlist of my case would be different from he previous topic. also my web browser search engine was hijacked by "interportalne.ws" and set itself as defualt search engine. Here I attached my frst.txt from the scan I made. FRST.txt
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