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  1. I followed all of your instructions and I have the logs you requested from me. At this point, I don't have any remaining issue or concerns. I am confident that everything has been resolved. Thank you again for your help. AdwCleaner[C0].txt mrt.log Fixlog.txt
  2. I suppose it's fair of me to ask two specific questions. All of my threats have been quarantined and are no longer a threat to my system. However, is it alright for me to delete all of them? Is that even necessary?
  3. I have followed your instructions. I used MBAR to access Malwarebytes, I updated MBAR, I scanned my computer, I then proceeded to use Malwarebytes and did both a comprehensive scan and a full custom scan as well as an additional full custom scan. The first full custom scan saw a total of 59 threats detected as far as I recall and the comprehensive scan was about 15 total threats detected (I could be wrong, my memory is not perfect because I'm a human being). I did another custom full scan and no other threats were detected. I think that all of the malware has been removed from my system. Here
  4. Hello, Yesterday my computer was infected with what I think is a malware virus of some form. I downloaded a new program and shortly afterwards my computer began to act up and suddenly it dawned on me that my computer was infected. I have a startup menu which allows me to select between using Linux or Windows 7. The computer infection occurred on my Windows 7 operating system so I switched to Linux where it is relatively functional and I am able to access it unlike Windows 7 where I have to revert to safe mode just to access the operating system and cripple the virus. I immediately we
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