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  1. Okay so, if you want MBAM turned off, you don't have to uninstall. If you can, just go into MBAM - settings - go to protection, and then scroll down to where it says 'start up MBAM when PC starts up'. Turn off everything in that small block. Then restart your PC. It should stop MBAM from turning on for now. Remember to turn everything back on once this is fixed again. I will be checking forums for updates. I stole this image from this forum to make it easy (turn off ALL checkmarks under "Startup Options")
  2. My malwarebytes just locked up my PC since today. When I restarted my PC I noticed it is using an exorbitant amount of RAM to the point that my PC can barely do anything else. It is sucking up about 90% of my RAM at the moment. The web protection is also disabled and refuses to be turned on. Please help. I have already included the FRST log & MB Check log. mb-check-results.txt
  3. My PC no longer functions because MBAM is using 90% of the RAM power. Web protection is also turned off and nothing I do turns it back on. Please fix this asap because I can no longer do my work now! My whole PC is jamming up!
  4. The website http:// www. Smarturl. it is being blocked entirely. (I put spaces in between so it won't link). I use this website to make my links accessible to people from multiple countries, and now it's being blocked by your service for those who have malwarebytes. Except, smarturl is just a referral service. They themselves are not malicious and don't host anything. They are just a link shortener. So why this is being blocked is beyond me and it is definitely hurting my business, as people buy my stuff using those links, and now they can't access them anymore if they have malwarebytes active.
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