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  1. Hey Rui Thanks for your Answer I ran the stuff mentioned above and eset found nothing. I incloudet the new malwarebytes log (i ran a scan on all drives with all scan options on) and the old Adwcleaner[Cx] i found in the folder you insructed me to visit. So far my computer is running fine thanks for your help. From what you have seen so faar on my logs do you think it's still safe to operrate this pc? AdwCleaner[C0].txt mwb3.0.6.txt
  2. Hey Rui Thanks for your Answer I followed all the Instructions as you listed them above. My Pc is running fine at this point with no issues i can notice at least. I hope nothing is hiding and waiting to reactivate itself. I updated malwarebytes (also got premium) and will be installing an antivirus after i have written this. Thank you for your help. AdwCleaner[S0].txt Fixlog.txt JRT.txt mwb3.0.6.txt
  3. Also forgot to add FRST.txt Here we go. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  4. Hey I just started a scan a few hours ago after not doing so for about 2 weeks. The reason for my suspicion was a java window popping up every time i booted my pc, saying, "load 4000" with a button below saying "ok". Malwarebytes found a lot of stuff. Most of it was just adware from software i reconised or knew it's going to be a false positive. Then i found a backdoor.bot in the list. I moved all the marked stuff into Quarantine, (or whatever action malwarebytes was thinking was best for this kind of positive) ran rkill and ran malwarebytes again. After running rkill and the second scan, the java window stopped popping up. I detected 2 new entrys. I applied the actions and restarted my pc. Now i am not sure if i am clean or better off wiping my drives and reinstalling. I includet the 2 malwarebytes reports below. Edit: addet FRST64 Adittion.txt Thank you for your help in advance. mwb.txt mwb.secondscan.txt
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