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  1. I am good. I had 3.0.6 on it and it didn't work right. Just stating how I fixed it. Until MBAM can provide to me it can make reliable software again, I won't install it. I had issues with older versions of 3 on a bunch computers, not just mine. I have never seen such buggy software from this company before. I may save that link, but if there is a minor update the app should have updated it self. I shouldn't have to keep checking the website for a new version all the time.
  2. I removed MBAM and it fixed the problem. I was just installing a new Netfear AC1900 USB 3.0 card. I might have a slightly older one acording to the box because I couldn't find one in a newer box. THe model #'s were the same but the copyright date was 2 years difference. So basically I could have kept the one I had. Before that I got service couldn't start. Had to white list it in F-Secure, a first. I had nothing but problems with 3.x. I am leaving it off this PC and it might be coming off my others.
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