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  1. Hello. The icon for my Capital One banking app on my Sony Xperia Android phone, suddenly changed from the bank's logo to a fuzzy, QR code with something green in the middle. I noticed it shortly after an incident when my phone suddenly went black, turned off, and couldn't be turned back on for about a minute. The phone had sufficient battery and was successfully turned back on after about a minute. I'm sorry to say I did not take a screen shot of the corrupted icon. I didn't try opening the app while the icon was corrupted. I uninstalled the Capital One banking app and reinstalled it, and the app icon returned to the bank's normal logo. I have Malwarebytes premium installed on the phone as well as McAffe Total Protection. I've run scans with both security programs and nothing has been found. Could malware infection cause the banking app's icon to suddenly corrupt? If so, how do I find out if the rest of the phone is ok since the security programs aren't finding a problem? Thank you.
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