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  1. Hi again, Also, thank you for the article link. I found that one as well, but it has raised my concerns that this error message seems to be for rooted phones, and since I didn't root my phone, maybe someone else did remotely. Also, my phone has never been out of my supervision, in the hands of anyone else or anything like that. Thank you again.
  2. Hello Nathan, Thank you. No, I have not rooted my phone or used a custom ROM. I haven't tinkered with anything on the phone; I just use it as it came from the factory and only install Google Play apps. My biggest concern is that somehow, malware or something from the internet has caused it to be rooted, is that possible? Thank you.
  3. Hello. I have Malwarebytes Premium as well as McAfee on my Android Sony Xperia phone. Spontaneously my device went black, then showed the "Sony" logo it usually shows at the beginning of a reboot, then showed a black screen with red message stating "Your device is corrupted and cannot be trusted and may not work properly", then continued with rebooting and continued to boot up on it's own, apparently as normal. I immediately ran scans using Malwarebytes Premium as well as McAfee and both said the phone is clean. Can you help me understand if there is a real threat associated with this message and what I should do next? Thank you.
  4. Hello. The icon for my Capital One banking app on my Sony Xperia Android phone, suddenly changed from the bank's logo to a fuzzy, QR code with something green in the middle. I noticed it shortly after an incident when my phone suddenly went black, turned off, and couldn't be turned back on for about a minute. The phone had sufficient battery and was successfully turned back on after about a minute. I'm sorry to say I did not take a screen shot of the corrupted icon. I didn't try opening the app while the icon was corrupted. I uninstalled the Capital One banking app and reinstalled it, and the app icon returned to the bank's normal logo. I have Malwarebytes premium installed on the phone as well as McAffe Total Protection. I've run scans with both security programs and nothing has been found. Could malware infection cause the banking app's icon to suddenly corrupt? If so, how do I find out if the rest of the phone is ok since the security programs aren't finding a problem? Thank you.
  5. Thank you David for clarifying Pondus' post. Please forgive my ignorance while I try to understand the articles referenced in Pondus' post further- Will my computer download a print driver directly from the printer's memory, ( I noticed last time I connected a new pic to the printer, I didn't have to use a CD or go to a Cannon website to download a driver - it just worked), and do I need to worry about that driver having been infected with some kind of malware/spyware when the infected pic was connected? Thank you.
  6. Hi. Can home use inkjet printers, such as the Cannon MG6220, carry malware, spyware, or viruses? We had a computer that may have been infected with malware, connected to our printer. Can we safely connect a new, clean computer to the printer?
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