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  1. I disabled exploit protection for chrome.exe, and everything else is working well.
  2. Here is the log file that includes the time Chrome stopped working on one of the Windows 10 computers. Chrome stopped working on April 10 around 9am. There is an update to MB that takes place around that time. MBAMSERVICE (1).LOG
  3. I saw at least one thread on the Google Chrome forums from the past 2 weeks. Google has not responded. I have 4 Windows 10 computers on my network that have been effected so far. Those 4 happened over the course of a week. I just noticed I have at least one Windows 10 computer with those same versions that is still working okay..so I don't know if there is an additional conflict that spurs the problem.
  4. I have MB version and Chrome Version 57.0.2987.133. In order for Chrome to work, I have to either rename the Chrome executable to something else (chrom1.exe) or turn off realtime protection in MB. Started a week ago. If nothing is done, Chrome opens empty gray pages with Untitled in the tab. The settings, extensions and all other pages also come up blank and gray.
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