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  1. ok.. thanks... strange tho i've MW settings to 'auto' update... and also did a check for updates before i submitted this concern. i'll follow your instructions and report back shortly ~ ========================================== completed... now, when i open MW it shows i'm fully protected, and up to date thanks! mb-clean-results.txt
  2. oS = W10 (up to date) MW version=3.06.1469 not quite the same issue, but similar. as you can see MW is reporting that Ransomware Protection is "starting".... it just hangs there. as i understand it, this virus doesn't attack w10 so much, yet, i'd still like to have ALL the protection MW offers if i'm already paying for it of course my concern is that the MW Dashboard shows I'm not fully protected and that i should turn on real time protections. To my knowledge, all MW settings are default. i wouldn't know which to turn off, let alone why i would want to i did a scan, MW is up to date (so i'm told) yet the red "!" in the tray icon is worrisome. please advise.
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