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  1. Hi Durew, I have completed an online virus scan, using Trendmicro Housecall. It tool an age to do a full scan of my system. It found [allegedly] 4 viruses -all variants of troj_ge (2x troj_ge.93681AA2 & troj_ge.EDB1BB32). I say allegedly because it appears the 2 former were in a temp folder formed with files during the Housecall scanner install. The other 2 have been on my system for years. They are to do with Mediaportal -HTPC frontend. The SAF key used to register a a virus, with Avast free some years ago, but proved to be a false positive. Malwarebytes shows none of the files to be infected. So...who is right? Malwarebytes or Housecall? I have included some jpgs taken of the issues as presented. I have also included result logs of the Farbar Recovery Scan Tool & HiJackThis. Just to reaffirm, I did NOT click on any of the links inside any of these emails. If I need to start a new thread in the relevant forum let me know, as I don't want to do multiples posts. Thanks. Regards, John Addition.txt FRST.txt hijackthis.log
  2. Hi, I have recently been experiencing multiple "mail delivery failed: returning message to sender" emails. I'm not sure where they have come from, they are not contacts I have ever used or known. It is only happening on one of my multiple addresses: the one I primarily use. I don't use this address for registering to any website/forum I have ANY doubts about. Obviously, I have run a couple of full scans with Malwarebytes, which show no issues. What else should I do in the interim? I am not enough of a PC whizz to know if this is a virus, & Malwarebytes is only doing it's job in preventing them from being sent. Or if it is an issue directly with Mozilla Thunderbird. Any assistance in directing me to the right path of curing this concern would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Hello, I have signed up for this forum expressly to complete this suggestion. As someone who has long used Malwarebytes (am using the premium version, with forever updates), I have found this programme to be far & away the best for security of my system. It is even better now it has an antiviral {and other} component added. As someone -one of many- who has been suffering from the context scan issue <Can not start a scan while another is already in progress>, which is being looked at, I thought I would add my 2 cents worth. It would seem logical, as a user who is not in IT, but reasonably conversant with computers, to allow any scan -whether it be a context, scheduled, or a manual one- to automatically close out ALL pop-up boxes, except if a threat issue is found. That way the user is not being inconvenienced by having to manually close-out the <scan complete> box, only to then have to close the <Dashboard> one. It should still be user's choice by way of checking the relevant boxes inside settings. What do those with more experience in this area think? Regards, John
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