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  1. Advancedsetup, Will expedite your recommendations. Thanks for the tips. 👍
  2. Advancedsetup, I will try the beta version, if the modifications are not permanent. Thanks. Question: can I leave the DNS servers set to the Google ones permanently? If so, are there any limitations. Cheers.
  3. OK. I changed the DNS servers to the Google public ones, quit MB, then restarted Malwarebytes. All appears normal: no error box occurred. Is this the correct procedure, for your diagnostics? I have also attached 2 sets of MB Logs' folders: -1 with original DNS server addresses, which also appears not to have the PC slowdowns, and; -1 operating after changing to the Google server addresses. Hope these help. Thanks to all, once again. mbst-grab-results_Google Servers.zip mbst-grab-results_Pre-Slowdown.zip
  4. OK. I am changing DNS IDs now. Will report back results, positively, or negatively. Thanks, for the support. PS. regarding the PC slowdown; since yesterday's update (just a definition's update, I am assuming) the computer appears to run normally. No mouse, or keystrokes' slowdown. Go figure??
  5. Yes. I do not have issues with network disconnectivity. My PC is always connected; regardless. I do have the occasional glitch, where rebooting resolves the disconnection. But this has not occurred for some time. Thanks, for the clarification.
  6. PS. I also attempted a clean reinstall of MB, back then, with no positive result.
  7. Hello, Since the last version update, Malwarebytes has been unable to contact the license server, whenever starting. Also, this is the second, out of the last three version itinerations that have caused my system to slowdown, to such an extent, I am forced to quit out of Malwarebytes, & restart Windows Defender. Although, the system seems fine, at present, it can take some time for the issue to present itself. As I have only restarted MB a short time before, this period may not have been reached. During the first version -that showed this issue- 3 versions ago, I followed advice given to others who were experiencing the same problem. I found by shutting down MB components separately, the issue did not disappear, & I had to completely shutdown MB then, too. If some simple solution cannot be presented -as I don't have alot of time -or PC expertise- then I would request how to locate the previous MB version, & I'll revert to that, until I am certain the issue has been sorted. I would prefer a downloadable version link, so I have a permanent copy of it, in case similar recurs, in the future. I have attached the logs, as scraped by the latest MB support tool, as well as a screenshot, of the dialogue error box. Thank you for your time, on this matter. mbst-grab-results.zip
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