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  1. I know I shouldn't use google chromes built in password manager but I don't feel like paying for another.
  2. I think I may of fixed it. Here is what I believe happened. The virus/adware latched on to my google account that saves autofill, bookmarks, etc. So what I did was I logged out of this account and made sure I checked the boxes that deleted the history and whatever. Then I deleted chrome, and reinstalled it. When I resynced the account all I checked to sync was "Autofill", "History", and "Passwords". The tool bar and secure-surf.net is no longer showing up, even after 3 restarts of chrome and an infinite amount of new tab openings. So I was able to keep my autofill settings which is
  3. I know exactly what you're talking about. I have already deleted every search engine (except google), from the top and bottom in the search engine list.
  4. Yes, I currently have my homepage at YouTube to avoid secure search and secure-surf.net. As a google page as a bar on the top which is the secure search, and secure-surf.net is the new tab that opens up if you set your on startup to "Open the New Page tab".
  5. I have uninstalled chrome and reinstalled it through the programs and features and the secure search and secure-surf.net are still there.
  6. I have it on my laptop, but I don't use my laptop anymore. Last time I turned it on was close to a year ago, and it's completely disfunctional.
  7. After a restart a day later, I am no longer getting popups, but I am getting a secure-search option on google.com and my new page tag is "secure-surf.net"
  8. Done... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Junkware Removal Tool (JRT) by Malwarebytes Version: 8.1.2 (03.10.2017) Operating System: Windows 10 Education x64 Ran by Zachary (Administrator) on Mon 04/10/2017 at 14:41:12.35 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ File System: 0 Registry: 0 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Scan was completed on Mon 04/10/2017 at 14:42:34.12 End of JRT log ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ AND Fix resul
  9. Here you go - attached is the files you requested. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  10. Here is the updated txt file of my current issue. Updated report.txt
  11. Okay, that was from a while ago that is my bad. I didn't see the time stamps on the right side till after. Which is why I attached an additional picture of the current issue. My current issue is popup ads, different starting pages on chrome, and "secure search" tool-bars. I have already gone ahead and done the standard of closing all P2P applications like steam, skype discord, etc. To help continue with the actual issue at hand.
  12. Sorry, I didn't see the dates on the other picture. Here is a more updated photo of the reports from today and last night.
  13. I uploaded a text file of one the reports and a picture of all the reports. As seen the picture you can see how extensive the list is. Protection Block via Malwarebytes.txt
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