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  1. sorry speccy file attached for previous post I also tried the SFC and DISM commands but didnt work, didnt want to do the system restore because I thought I might get reinfected again? Or should I be OK now? Anyway, does not having correctly installed the two applications "Microsoft.Windows.ShellExperienceHost" and Microsoft.Windows.Cortana" effect my PC performance at all? if not I can live without it. The only other question I'd like to ask is what do you recommend as routine security checks/maintenance and how often. Obviously Mbam, but how about the other ones you got m
  2. Hi Ron I think I've downloaded the driver. Can you please check with new speccy zip file? I still have the issue of the start menu not opening. I just tried running a microsoft "troubleshoot problems opening start menu or cortana. The diagnostic gave the following report "microsoft.windows.shellexperiencehost" and driver. "microsoft.windows.cortana" need to be installed properly. Did something make these install incorrectky?
  3. I wasnt sure if u wanted a speccy file or all file so I did a snapshot using both (I think).You might notice that I have upgraded my ram to 4Gb, what a difference! Much more responsive but still cant open the start button. Btw I appreciate all the help you have given, and I'm sure everyone is really thankful to have you and your team helping people like me who aren't very tech savvy but want to keep our personal information exactly that, personal. Cheers. As you have helped effectively remove/quarantine the mbam detections which is what I came here for, I totally understand if your
  4. HI Ron, unfortunately the auto detect didnt work after downloading Java. So I downloaded the latest driver which is I wasnt sure what I was doing so I searched manually for a driver only to find out there is no driver that supports windows 10. I have noticed that my start button doesn't open when I left click but it does open a set of options when I right click (programs and features , task manger , run etc.) Do you think this is the driver or perhaps the stuff I quarantined? Is there a way to check my PC for errors and caused by not having the quarantines stuff ? O
  5. Hi Ron, Logs attached. Custom scan 18.6.17 is where Mbam managed to detect and finally quarantine the threats. I did another custom scan after with no detections. I just tried to do another set of scans and when I tried to do a custom scan it got halfway and crapped itself but this time it went to the blue screen of death. Not sure if the logs show what happened. I also forgot to mention when the computer crapped itself yesterday, I managed to get task manager going during the usual black screen. It showed all processes at 0% except task manager itself. Is there something I
  6. Hi definitely not going to sleep, it seems like the computer just freezes and craps itself (lack of a better term). I tried to the system file checker tool which is suggested on the link you provided. The tool didn't find anything. I haven't been able to provide many reports as the computer craps itself before the end of the custom scan. And after I reboot there's no record of it. Luckily last night one of that stands went all the way through and detected +40 threats and I was also able to finally move them to quarantine. I'll attach the reports when I'm back at home this evening as
  7. Hi Ron, no luck unfortunately. Mbam is still detecting threats during the custom scan. It got to about 23 detections then black screen again. This time the monitor couldn't detect a signal at all but the computer was still running. Files attached. Thanks Addition.txt FRST.txt mb-check-results.zip
  8. Haha yeah I'm pretty proud of the hardware, there's been many occasions where I've nearly thrown it out the window in frustration. I actually purchased 4Gb the other day and should receive it in the mail any day now. Hopefully that will lower my blood pressure to somewhat normal levels. I have reverted the msconfig settings back to normal (I think), uninstalled Trend password manager and ran FRST with the fixlist in same location. Fixlog attached as requested. Let me know how it went. Cheers! Fixlog.txt
  9. Hi Ron, no its my PC at home since new (many moons ago). My ex was in charge of the computer initially as I have limited knowledge at best. She did play around with a few things but no idea what and that was ages ago and she was rather keen to have high security settings at the time. The only other things I can think of that might be out of the "norm" are: 1. I installed Glary utilities which had a startup manager which could have stuff things up (deleted a few months ago) 2. Old Trend antivirus still installed on PC which my ex bought the subscription for (which has since expired
  10. Hi AdvancedSetup, I did as the instructions said but wasn't sure when to run the mbcheck; Before or after the scans. Anyway I did the scans again with pretty much the same results but this time again my computer went to a black screen (with only my mouse pointer visible) during the custom scan. Rebooted and ran the mbcheck and Frst apps. Files attached as per the previous link. Addition.txt FRST.txt mb-check-results.zip
  11. Hi, AdvancedSetup, thanks for reopening my thread back and apologies for not responding in time. I did as suggested in post #7. I deleted all my previous restore points and then created a new restore point. I then ran a threat scan and custom scan after that. Same issue, no threats detected on the threat scan but 30 odd on the custom scan. It didn't go directly to a black screen this time immediately after the custom scan. This time it got to the results page where you can select (tick) the threats you want to quarantine. I checked all the threats to quarantine but when I click the
  12. Oh I hope your better now or well on the way to it. Thanks for replying and yes I do still need help when you get a chance. To be honest I haven't tried any other things to fix my issue if there is one. Just the automatic scans with windows defender (which has detected nothing).
  13. Hi I did as requested, I think you might have missed my last post. Anyway I did as requested and a few days later I decided to run a threat scan and then a custom scan as I did initially to see whether MBAM would still detect during the custom scan. Same result, didn't detect anything on the first scan threat scan but detected a bunch of stuff on the second using a custom scan. I checked in the quarantine folder and nothing was there either after the custom scan. Logs attached FRST.txt Addition.txt Threat scan.txt
  14. Hi Advance Setup, thanks for your reply. Much appreciated. I followed your instructions above. Details below, also FRST and addition attachments as requested. Sophos Antivirus didn't detect anything. Without jumping ahead of myself, do I delete my recycle bin (after all the steps you advise have been done) to permanently delete the files that were quarantined using MBAM? Should the above steps be done on any routine basis? Thanks again. Happy Easter ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Junkware Removal Tool (JRT) by Malwarebytes
  15. Hi, i was hoping you might be able to help determine whether my PC has an issue or not. Firstly I'd like to say that my PC is ancient so don't laugh! And I'm pretty average at best in computer knowledge. When I run a threat scan MBAM doesn't detect anything but when I do a custom scan (everything ticked in the options for scanning c: drive only) I get around 30 detections. But every time before the scan finished the screen goes black (with only the cursor visible) and I am unable to navigate anywhere and have to manually turn the computer off and on again. Report details below. Th
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