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  1. How are you all doing? I have been trying to play catch up for the last 5 years or so on android the last year has been expanded to include phones and TV boxes. I never thought I would need Linux i was mainly a home pc tec or small business not the big servers. Now I am regretting never learning or liking Linux because android and librelec are all Linux core and I don't know how to do anything with them Would you please help me out with resources and knowledge to learn more about this topic Thanks for your time and help
  2. Please make a list of all the wallpaper in one place these screen shots make me want them all lol or email me links danandmelopp7475 [at] gmail [dot] com nothing says professional and promotes malwarebytes more than a great background on the tablet there signing or the TV box that they are watching a demo from And my TV box has a wallpaper screen saver so it shows them all Thanks
  3. @daman1 anything good you recommend that's not horribly resource intensive? You have any Android tips or information you would feel like sharing? I have been trying to catch up with android the last 5 years now and the last year I have gotten into tv boxes they run on android and libreelec so I am trying to find everything I can to learn as much as possible about Android Thanks
  4. I have also noticed malwarebytes runs terrible on android! I have a older tablet dual core i will post the cpu z specs sometime but the tablet stops useless i have it set up to only run after midnight so it's finished by the time i need to use it and allot of times i have to stop it because it's still running and nothing else will run! I have only been learning about and catching up with android for 4 years or so, I was forced to get a stupid smart phone that I hate and don't use the data or minutes in my plan i was forced to get that last year. Last year I started learning tv boxes android based libreelec based all Linux based os, tv boxes are a market that needs malwarebytes so bad because they use 3rd party software to stream tv and movies but right now malwarebytes is too resource intensive for these boxes i would love to have more conferences with malwarebytes about tv boxes and what the technology requirements are if you take to much away it won't stream or run right! I have 2 tv boxes one of those I'm willing to make it a guinea pig for testing purposes! Malwarebytes needs to work on the android os the Linux foundation best example i can give is there used to be Norton for windows xp fixed windows errors problems everything, I have and see a big need for this on android i never learned Linux it was too intensely input based and more strict and complicated than dos so I learned dos batch sys registry editing windows. It was all so fluid and easy in my eyes, now it's all worthless 20 or something years of learning is useless because everything is android apple or even windows 10 I rely on technology and software and forums like this one and funny as it sounds YouTube to learn more and try to keep up! A malwarebytes mtbs for android that we can put on a mini sd card then insert in any tablet phone or tv box and fix stabilize it and get it running again i just had to factory reset my tablets andthere still not working right Also with android it would be nice to have crap ware tabs and phones come with chat games Google this or that magazines remotes etc i spent 15 minutes just shutting crap ware off that these tablets load elderly grouchy old fart wanna bes like me don't want or need all that Also what advanced networking tools are there i see a pretty impressive arsenal in mtbs tool kit but what do we have for vpns? Who is it? Trace and identify hacks or pings etc