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  1. +1 on this request for "power aware" features. MalwareBytes really needs to add settings for scheduled scans that allow delay or disable when "on battery" and/or when "power save" mode is active (Windows 10). This has been suggested multiple times and basically is a show stopper for any scheduled use of MB on a laptop. I won't be renewing my premium subscription unless this feature is added. I already disabled my real time protection, because I found it too heavy for laptop use and there are just-as-good lightweight and free real time protection options (including Microsoft).
  2. Thanks to all for the support and information and @dcollins for the information MB team's findings of the bad combinations. I did have Norton Security Suite running with exploit protection on, which I was not even aware was part of that program suite. I have now disabled Norton Security exploit protection (per above under Settings > Firewall > Intrusion and Browser Protection > Exploit Prevention > OFF), and upgraded my Google Chrome to 64-bit (was 32-bit). Chrome problem no longer occurring with MB3 Exploit Protection back on and enabled for chrome.exe (advanced exploit settin
  3. I disabled Norton Security's exploit protection ( Norton > Settings > Firewall > Intrusion and Browser Protection > Exploit Prevention = OFF) and upgraded to Google Chrome 64-bit (was 32-bit) version, now issue resolved (not sure if both changes required, but I didn't intend to have exploit protection running under both Norton Security and MB3 anyway).
  4. @nickdanp , This is a recent known issue, so don't bother trying to repair. Only successful workaround so far is to disable MalwareBytes "Exploit Protection" for chrome.exe application (under MB Premium > Settings > Protection > Manage Protected applications), or can disable "Exploit Protection" completely in settings or from tray icon. I recommend using MB settings workaround instead of running Chrome with sandboxing disabled, until fix is available. See related recent threads below which include acknowledgement that this issue is being actively investigated by MB staff, expe
  5. FYI, cross reference to similar report of same issue from few days ago that I missed on first pass. And adding some detailed info from logs below. Looks like Comp Pkg update to 1.0.96 was not the trigger for my system, as issue didn't start until after a system reboot on 2017-04-07 in the afternoon, but "SDK/Controller package --> [mbam-c.ctlr.64bit], current version: [1.0.96]" was on my system for at least a few days prior, per "C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\MBAMService\logs\MBAMSERVICE.LOG" Best I can tell the MB update that happened closest most likely just prior to start of i
  6. Adding Cross reference to similar report of same issue (Chrome extensions crash upon launch, Chrome not functional) in different thread (sorry missed this existing report on my first pass). Reports in that thread are also tracking MB component package 1.0.96 as start of the issue. Only successful workaround so far is to disable MB "Exploit Protection" for chrome.exe application (under MB Premium > Settings > Protection > Manage Protected applications). Don't bother uninstalling Chrome or MB, as this appears to be MB compatibility bug, rather than corrupted install of
  7. I was also unable a solution by to fine tuning settings under Anti-Exploit Protection > Advanced settings. Even turning all options off didn't work, had to disable for chrome.exe or disable entirely, same as GaryFDes. Good observation GaryFDes that problem may be dependent on Component package version, which is very believable since I think that version 57 of Chrome was out for a few weeks before this problem surfaced. I haven't tried to replicate with Firefox as reported, but if that is the case, then issue is not limited to Chrome, so I won't go reporting in Chrome user fo
  8. Today the latest version of Google Chrome started to fail upon launch when I have the MalwareBytes Premium 3.0.6 "Exploit Protection" enabled. Upon launching Chrome, all my extensions immediately report by Chrome as "crashed" (pop-up in browser) and the browser window is a black screen (but menus are normal). Unable to access Chrome settings or any Chrome features, but can close Chrome window and not much else. If I turn off MalwareBytes "Exploit Protection" or just disable protection for Chrome.exe via Manage Protected Applications > uncheck "Google Chrome (and plug-ins)", then every
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