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  1. Updating to Windows Insider Preview 18329 seems to have fixed all issues. Even though the Windows blog suggests that 18329 might have similar issues with Malwarebytes. Before doing so, I tried doing what David_W mentioned above. I'm not sure if it helped or was necessary, as I did it just before seeing that Windows Insider Preview 18329 was in fact downloading. Anyway, with Windows Insider Preview 18329, Malwarebytes ( is showing as working perfectly. I only report this as an enthusiastic Windows and Malwarebytes user. I realize that vendors are not required to support previe
  2. I'll add myself to the list. I'm also currently running the latest Insider build 18323. I entered the Windows Insider Program today (for the first time in ages), and updated Windows from the latest (non-insider) Windows 10 build. I uninstalled Malwarebytes beforehand. Looking forward to a fix, and keep up the good work. Cheers.
  3. Any updates to this situation? I also installed the Windows 10 Creators Update today and noticed that Defender was not activated upon installing Malwarebytes. Prior to installing the Creators Update, I always enjoyed thinking that both Defender and Malwarebytes were working alongside each other.
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