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  1. Thank you, MWB Support (LiquidTension). Although this turned out to be a Microsoft problem, I am very grateful for your interest in getting it resolved. If roles were reversed, MS would never have been so accommodating.
  2. LiquidTension - Thanks for the clarification. Since the problem is with Microsoft, I plan to restore my machine to a point prior to the faulty MS definition update, and temporarily turn off MSE auto scanning and updating. Hopefully MS will correct this soon. Thanks!
  3. Dutchman, the MWB tech people will probably come up with a fix soon. I'm shutting down my pc and will check back tomorrow. (fingers crossed) Good luck -Jack
  4. Same issue using Microsoft Security Essentials on a Win 7 machine. MSE keeps shutting down. What to do?
  5. Firefox. I went ahead with the installation and everything seems fine. License activated automatically, etc. Thanks!
  6. Glad to hear the OP resolved their issue. Seems like the latest upgrade still has some rough edges to work out. Should I wait for fixes to be built into the installer? Thanks
  7. I am very grateful for your help! Things could have gotten ugly without those .msi files. Lesson learned: Never delete files from quarantine unless you know it's safe. Thanks again! John
  8. Attached is the log file. Thanks for helping! e3599b68-1a2d-11e9-9e04-6431501fbe1a.zip
  9. Great! BTW - I did attach a scan summary to the original post - but I guess it's not the same as "logs" (?) Thanks
  10. Rich, my apologies, but I will not have access to the PC in question until tomorrow at the earliest. Thanks, John
  11. Several of my Windows .MSI installer files were quarantined as infected with Trojan.Emotet. I [impulsively] deleted the files from quarantine. Now I see that there was a FALSE POSITIVE problem and that these files were probably OK. They may also be important! I realize that I jumped the gun by deleting them, so the question is, is there any way to find them and restore them? I tried a data recovery tool (Recuva) and found nothing. I also tried System Restore twice but they would not complete - "missing file" error. Please see attached Scan Summary. Thanks! scan.txt
  12. Been using idrive cloud backup on my Win 7 PC for years, but today MWB quarantined it as Ransomware. Is this a false positive? Thanks
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