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  1. only item is run as administrator no compatibility settings, but sure i disabled that, with no change
  2. so i'm not using killer as my wifi card anymore, currently its an intel 8265 which are using the latest drivers. Must be some stale drivers for them around, and i don't have any compatibility settings set
  3. Hello, so starting this afternoon I restarted my computer and now I can't get web-protection started. I have tried restarting the service as well. I do notice that once i restart the laptop that the protection is enabled but it'll disable pretty fast and i'll get the pop-up notification. this is version 3.3.1 I am using windows 10 x64 and I'm not using any other AV other than windows defender. I've done a full scan and everything checks out any ideas on what to do? I have attached the check results Thanks in advance
  4. so when I run the MB 3.06 or 2.x installer windows ends up freezing and I have to restart. I've tried changing my UAC settings with no luck. I've tried installing via powershell or cmd, but no luck. I can run other installers without issues. the only that that has changed is i'm using the RTM version of the win 10 creators update, as it's available via the update assistant. in the event viewer, i can't find anything relevant other than a possible event 1000 Faulting application path: c:\windows\system32\consent.exe edit: I can run other installers. i downloaded a few apps to test ideas? thanks in advance.
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