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  1. It has made a difference! I boot up like normal! woohoo! thanks Kevin!
  2. Hi Kevin, I completed the scan and it has finished. I think the issue of boot hanging may be due to my motherboard being a duel boot BIOS? Before I had issued I would see my normal boot loader. Since having issues and it hanging I now see a much older boot loader. Is there a way to change it? My MOBO: Gigabyte Z87X-UD3H-CF SrtTrail.txt Thanks Kevin.
  3. Nope, it just stays and maintains the same screen. So I restart my pc and usually it boots okay. sometimes booting back to hang. I also often get disk checks when I turn on my pc, but they never seem to solve the issue
  4. CBS.logI still hung in the bootloader whilst I restarted 😕 Thanks so much Kevin
  5. Hi Kevin, I didn't notice any issues before this really. Just that I was having high CPU usage all the time. I do however have an issue when I boot, half the time I get stuck in the boot loader, it won't complete a boot cycle, but will hang there until I restart. Then it usually works. When boot is complete windows starts a system disk check? I've not been able to boot as usual for a while now and I'm not sure what the issue is.
  6. Did I do the KVRT scan log bit correctly? In terms of the actual scan there were no objects decected.Fixlog.txt Thank you so much for you help so far! report_20200807_181140.txt
  7. amlwarescan.txtscan.txt 23 items detected, 22 quarantined.
  8. Hi, I ran a malwarebytes threat scan yesterday and everything was clean. Ran a windows defender scan and three trojans showed up; I removed them but when I completed another scan it showed up as threats being there. But I was unable to clear them for some reason. It won't show me the logs from windows defender so I cannot attach them. Addition.txtFRST.txt My malwarebytes is running but its taken 2 hours so I'll update the logs when I get them. But it is currently saying 18 detections.
  9. Hi, I found no threats. Do you think this is an issue with my audio drivers? I'm still getting peaking at 75% cpu usage. Whats some good clean up advice? thanks.
  10. Hi I was hoping you could help, ReInstalled Focusrite audio drivers recently as I was having strange audio issues connected with the cpu/health of my pc. A video/all my audio would suddenly disconnect and I wouldn't be able to hear them, then nothing would load on my Pc, but youtube would look "loading", as if the page still worked. So I reinstalled them. I have also had a boot issue, when I turn my PC on it hangs on the "Gigabyte -----" screen until I force restart it, then it will load up to win 7 loading. Now I've been having the problem of my CPU spiking up to 75% for prolonged periods of time; 5 minutes. Am I infected? How can I fix this? Thanks. Threat scan + FRST logs below. Addition_23-04-2020 23.03.35.txt FRST_23-04-2020 23.03.35.txt Mthreatscan.txt
  11. I've been having blocked inbound and outbound connections from deluge and google chrome recently saying its a trojan or other malicious websites/connections. I will post a few logs so you know. I have also ran a FRST scan via this link; https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/9573-im-infected-what-do-i-do-now/ Thanks. Addition.txt FRST.txt Malwarethreatscan.txt
  12. I own malwarebytes premium, I keep getting blocked outgoing connections from google chrome. I just completed a full malwarebytes scan with Rootkits and Scan within Archives that are both turned on. Here are the logs. I have also just completed a scan of Adwcleaner, find attached, cleaned and scanned and restarted my computer. MalwarebytesScanLogs.txt AdwCleaner[S00].txt
  13. Will do. Thanks for the help Kevin. Everything seems fine now. No more pop-ups. Thanks for your service!
  14. It has that error message. I press OK then its in my taskbar icons. So I suppose its okay. Just seemed a little odd. It has been like that for a while.
  15. Hey Kevin, thanks for the swift reply. Hopefully we can get this done tonight! :] Addition.txt FRST.txt
  16. Hi, I currently own malwarebytes premium. Opened a website a few days ago with a persistent pop-up, accidentally clicked the wrong button. Heard my harddrive whirling up, so I instantly turned off my PC. Done a full Malware threat scan, but since then every so often I get a "Website outbound blocked" from Malwarebytes, often to giberish websites or "crackedmine.com" I have a few screenshots: . Would like to do a full scan. I have three harddrives too, and I don't know if they are infected either. Would greatly appreciate if we could do a full system scan for anything else too. Thank you very much.
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