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  1. Seems to be fixed after installing MBAMSERVICE.exe was consuming 10Gig Ram since last night. Slowing laptop till it was unusable. Could not shut it down in Task Manager. Had to go into services to stop it. Then installed this new version. Seems OK Thanks for the quick fix / fast response. But just so I feel better, I have to bitch that your "quality escape" cost me money and time. It was a big distraction for me while I was doing some critical work. I will still use your product, but if it happens again I'll have to go elsewhere. My subscription
  2. I'm running MalwareBytes 3.0 Premium with databases updated 4-5-2017, on win 7 laptop. How do I know I actually have ransomware protection and that it is working. Am getting nervous when I hear of increase in ransomware attacks. Michael
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