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  1. Thank you :-) I´ve read the FAQ and I´m getting rid of Zemana. All else runs smoothly together. Kind Regards, Joachim
  2. Somehow accidentally I just opened MBAM-Premium settings to make sure that - scan rootkits - is active, and noticed (incredibly) for the first time that it actually contains an anti-ransomware function. Does this mean that MBARW is redundant since I already have MBAM-Premium? (I feel a little silly really). Kind Regards, Joachim
  3. Hi. The last time I installed a beta version of MBARW, it made a complete fuzz with my existing MBAM-Premium and I needed (and got great) help to uninstall all Malwarebytes products, for later to reinstall them, because that beta version made it impossible to remove the then malfunctioning Malwarebytes products. Now I want MBARW on my machine, since though I have such a great experience with Malwarebytes products, but wish to avoid ending up in the same situation as before (even though I´ve saved the - mb-clean- - file, which eradicates the Malwarebytes products that became impossible to remove without this tool). So my question is: Is it now possible and profitable (PC-health-wise) to use the new MBARW beta v.9 alongside MBAM-Premium, MB-AdwCleaner and other safety software such as e.g. Spybot and Windows Defender? Since you guys are so brilliant on PC-safety, I want to pose a more general question: What is your recommended top-set-up of safety software on a Windows 10 Pro Desktop used by a fairly competent home user who doesn´t game, but likes to trust and download a lot of third-party software? What I do have and use is Windows Defender, MBAM-Premium, MB-AdwCleaner, Spybot, Bitdefender 60-second virus scan, Farbar Recovery Scan Tool and now running Zemana AntiMalware for the first time (and sometimes I run the full - Microsoft Safety Scanner -). Are any of these superfluous? Kind Regards, Joachimtobias
  4. Joachimtobias

    Anti-Malware went haywire

    Thank you Kevin :-)
  5. Joachimtobias

    Anti-Malware went haywire

    Hi again. Two other concerns: - I purchased the license for Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium, but it does´nt work. To begin with it worked, but now it has stopped. Now there is a chance that this is something I brought upon myself since I left my room and computer for a short while while a friend of mine had access. The only chance this is the cause is if he browsed my computer and found my text-file with all my licenses and picked this one out and uses it. He refuses, but I´m not totally sure I can trust him. And I always turn off my x-ternal harddrives when they´re not in use and this file is on one of them and that harddrive was not on when I came back into the room. Is there a way for you guys to see if my license is in use. Perhaps deactivate this and give me a new one. I have all the purchase receipts. If you need my account info, please address me at my e-mail address. I´ve written to Malwarebytes support about this several times, but I think they tired of me. No response. - What exactly does Anti-Ransomware do? Is there a safe way for me to download this so I don´t get the same problem as explained above? Kind Regards, Joachim
  6. Joachimtobias

    Anti-Malware went haywire

    Hi. That fixed my problem. Thank you :-) Kind Regards, Joachim
  7. Joachimtobias

    Anti-Malware went haywire

    I just tried: C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes>rmdir /q /s ANTI-M~1, but when it ran it ran with no access. I just can´t remove the program manually. Should I dare to go into regedit?
  8. Joachimtobias

    Anti-Malware went haywire

    I just tried to uninstall Anti-Malware again and it did´nt work, but this time I got a new error message: "Could´nt uninstall because the file: C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes\Anti-Malware\unins000.dat, would´nt open" (transelated from Norwegian). Also: Error 32.
  9. Hi. This is my first post on the forum. I´ve been using Anti-Malware and Anti-Exploit (since a friend nicked my license I have to run both separate free versions) for a long time. Satisfied customer. But when I just now installed the Beta version of Anti-Ransomware, which did´nt work, my Anti-Malware 3.1 went haywire. It does´nt connect, that´s the first message I recieve when I boot the machine. Then I tried to uninstall it using the Windows default, but that did´nt work. Then I tried to remove it using Revo Uninstaller with an advanced option for removing all leftover files in the registry, but the defect default Anti-Malware uninstaller somehow managed to disable Revo from using this function. The error messages I´ve recieved says: I miss this file: "IPHLPAPI.DLL" (I believe this was related to Anti-Ransomware?). The other was error: 0x80040154. Can somone please help out? Kind Regards, Joachim

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