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  1. Make sure you got those Windows XP updates that were released this year. The big bad vulnerability ones. I would also make sure you are using the Firefox 52 ESR for XP as long as you can as it is the most up to date modern browser. in addition, I would completely remove Java and Flash from the system and get the privacy badger and ublock origin extensions for firefox. Aside from that. Its hard to say what will keep the system protected. But at the least, do the above.
  2. I cannot find Mbam 3.0 in the forums anymore. Was this forum dropped?
  3. Definitely real. I have found and removed search scopes several times. It has to do with modifying your web browser searches. I highly recommend removing the pesky thing lol.
  4. ChaosFreak, This was a bug with the Windows updates released on 6/13. It was patched in KB4022168 which was released yesterday.
  5. I would run it along side Kaspersky and just set exclusions in each so they aren't scanning each other. The more layers of protection the better!
  6. I think it resolved itself. I rebooted a few times and Mbam is still installed. Not sure what happened but I appreciate the help!
  7. I will reinstall Mbam again now and restart a few times to see if it sticks.
  8. Thanks Nikhils. Log attached. I never saw a prompt after reboot. The log file was there, but no prompts from Mbam clean.
  9. I deleted the log right after it ran. But I found this in the backups from my desktop folder from yesterday. mb-log.txt
  10. Hey Advanced, Thank you for the reply. Maybe this helps with the situation. When I ran the tool yesterday I saw behavior different from what the forum instructions show. I bolded and underlined my injections. Download the latest version of MB-CLEAN by clicking the link above Close all open applications Double-click and run mb-clean.exe A prompt with an option to clean up the system will appear: Yes and I clicked yes Yes - will proceed with backing up the license key (Malwarebytes 3.x only) and initiating the cleanup process No - will exit the utili
  11. KenW, Thank you for the reply! I disagree with you however. I am the only person who has touched this machine since I used the tool yesterday. I used the tool, installed mbam. Upon reboot for windows updates, Mbam uninstalled. I reinstalled Mbam again, Now after another reboot last night. this morning I see Mbam is again uninstalled. The tool is definitely doing something and I only ran it the once.
  12. Hello, I am having an issue with a machine so for troubleshooting I wanted to do a clean reinstall of MBAM. Yesterday I downloaded and ran the Mbam clean tool. After a reboot, I reinstalled the latest Mbam from the website mb3-setup-consumer- Upon any reboot, Mbam is uninstalled. This has happened twice now. How do I remove Mbam clean or stop the tool from removing Mbam at every reboot? Thank You
  13. Is it a false positive though? Im not seeing any detection in the Mbam logs so its not quarantine items getting re-flagged. But I do need to know if this is an issue or not.
  14. Hello, I have Sophos and it is detecting these files as Adware or PUA. This happened yesterday as well to the same machine. Is Mbam known to flag false positives with this folder? What are those files? File "C:\PROGRAMDATA\MALWAREBYTES\MBAMSERVICE\3aee2b1a-1f6b-11e7-b394-00224da9ae4c" belongs to adware or PUA 'NirCmd' (of type Other). File "C:\PROGRAMDATA\MALWAREBYTES\MBAMSERVICE\3ba7b5c6-1f6b-11e7-a061-00224da9ae4c" belongs to adware or PUA 'NirCmd' (of type Other). File "C:\PROGRAMDATA\MALWAREBYTES\MBAMSERVICE\3c19e3b2-1f6b-11e7-a86c-00224da9ae4c" belongs to a
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