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  1. Good morning. I logged on to one of the computers where the protection is off on the anti-exploit service was off. I turned it back on. Hopefully this works but I hope this is not the fix.
  2. Good morning. I am deploying the anti-exploit and for the most part it is working well. I just noticed that some of the clients have the anti-exploit set to off. Not many but a few. Why is this?
  3. So i think I was to do option 1, since I want this on all the computers or the remote option in option 2. Is it okay if I contact you via this forum if I run into any trouble?
  4. Thank you for all your help. I just purchased the other module, the anti-exploit. Will I have to push this out to all of my devices all over again?
  5. I just got off the phone with Patrick. We installed the hotfix and it worked. The ticket number is 00031194
  6. Got the same problem. I uninstalled Malwarebytes that I had installed previously to make sure that the two did not clash.
  7. No, we shouldn't, but I can check. I think if we did, then I would have had problems with other installers. I can look at my GPO.
  8. Logged in as the domain admin and right clicking the installer and selecting run as administrator.
  9. Okay, so you are saying that this hotfix is not going to fix the check in issue that I am having? To answer your previous question, I am installing the client as an admin. I reformatted the desktop and installed it from a disk. Windows defender was not a part of the Windows install disk and it still did not work. This is becoming very discouraging.
  10. Thank you. I just spoke with Malwarbytes support and this is bug in the Console version 1.8. I was told that a hotfix is due to release today which should fix this issue and if not, I can go back to version 1.7 and should be fine. Thanks for all your help.
  11. djacobson I just reformatted a computer. Installed Windows only. Put the computer on the domain, installed the managed standalone version created from the console. And no change. I can see the device listed in the console. I started the service MEEclient. The mbam service is not present at all. The Meeclient would not stay running, but would stop. There is something wrong with the program.
  12. djacobson - thank you for your response. The clean machine had nothing on it other than Windows. I did create an offline installer and that does not work either. I really believe there is a bug in the program which is preventing this from working properly. The managed program does not include mbam service and the meeclient service will not start. Malwarebytes support looked at my computer and that was determined to be. They thought it was due to Mcafee. That is why i used a clean machine to do my test. The only thing installed was Windows.
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