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  1. David --- The public doesn't know IF another company "stole" your program code or anything of the such. Malwarebytes is the one holding the bag here and looking bad. And I've been a fan for years. I had to remove my MWB paid subscription. Customers like me only know that suddenly MWB does not coexist with Advanced System Care. Non-stop popups from MWB and calling ASC "PUP". It's not an unwanted program. So, I would suggest either enhancing your MWB program, letting other program play nice with it or go to Court. It's really simple. Thanks, Fred
  2. Well............at least 9 years. (I thought it had been around longer than 2008?).......... I helped promote Malwarebytes in the early days and have always thought it was the best anti-malware program. I also maintain 30+ computers for a small company. The users also tend to enjoy using Advanced System Care because of its user-friendly interface and the manner in which it does a good job of cleaning junk files and reg errors. If Malwarebytes has a legal issue with some competing company, I urge them to handle it through legal channels. MWB could choose to rise above and improve their pr
  3. I've used Malwarebytes for at least 15 years. I also have used Advanced System Care for about 4 years. Malwarebytes and ASC used to coexist very well, until recently. Yes, I have read earlier posts about the MB falsely recognizing ASC as a PUP. And with the new version of ASC, MB has wreaked havoc on my computer for 5 days now. MB could be stepping it up a bit to accommodate another program like Advanced System Care. MB could even improve their program to allow for more fix application tools. Instead, I kept Advanced System Care and deleted Malwarebytes so that ASC would ru
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