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  1. Yes both time it booted into windows
  2. Sorry I guess I didn't say it well, I did do the first test and I left it off all night so it could get cold on the morning I booted it and loaded windows normally, after that I performed the second part of the test.
  3. I left it off all night, and I did wrap it on a towel this morning after turning it on, I left it like that for more than an hour it got hot, and then I turn it off, and turning it on it boot up windows like it normally does.
  4. Before turning it off I run a scan and it didn't have any issues but one thing was that it did get really hot one thing didn't do before, I do say is the fan since it doesn't seem to be working at the speed it used to do as I was listening to it.
  5. Yes it is an HP laptop, and I did the turn it on/off to interrupt the boot but it didn't go to the Startup Repair, it started windows normally. Thou I do want to figure out what was the issue.
  6. The laptop is having an issue that when I press the power button only the light turns on and after a 30 seconds it turns off. Neither the screen nor the fan work. Last night it was working fine, it was until this evening that I tried turn it on, The battery works I tried it on a different laptop of the same type, I have tried putting a different RAM but its the same. Here are the details of the laptop: Product Name: Windows 10 Home Single Language System Type: 64 bit Current Build: 14393 Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU N2820 @ 2.13GHz Total physical RAM: 1944.59 MB Drive c: (Windows) (Total:445.43 GB) (Free:346.69 GB) NTFS Drive d: (RECOVERY) (Total:19.11 GB) (Free:1.91 GB) NTFS ==>[system with boot components (obtained from drive)]
  7. Ok thanks for the help, I'm still new to this, I'm in the process of learning maintenance to PC and laptops, can handle some issues, but only do them on my own laptops, still not confident enough to tinker with other people's computers, for now I can only try to fix issues I fixed myself on my own laptops.
  8. The issues I first had aren't happening anymore, the slow performance is the only issue now. Is there a way to fix it or just changing for a new memory RAM (DDR3 I think)
  9. Did the installation and the scan and there were no threats found mb-clean-results.txt
  10. One thing I would like to note is that while looking for the type of operating system I did see that it said Installed RAM: 4.00GB (1.90GB usable) mb-check-results.zip
  11. Ok to start my friend game me their laptop so I can do a check up on it since last time I did was about 8 months ago. I know a bit more about computers than my friend does so this is something I do from time to time, I have 3 things installed in their laptop that I installed the first time I did a check up on it, they are programs I use normally on my laptop, CCleaner clean it up a bit, Avast Antivirus and Malwarebytes. Basically those are the 3 programs I use on their laptop. Today I ran into something I didn't know what to do. This are the things I did before I noticed the issues. I ran the CCleaner and after it finished I began running Malwarebytes, It had been running for 4 hours when I decided to look at the progress when I noticed that the start menu didn't open, I minimized Malwarebytes and that's when the screen went black after it came back the window was minimized and everything normal but when I try to maximize the window again it went black screen again and when back Malwarebytes was closed. then the issues began as I was trying to figure out what was wrong, a message pop up about insufficient memory, but I checked and the Hard drive is 500GB and it only has been used about 100GB, after trying to open the start menu the screen went black again and I left it but after sometime it didn't came back to normal so I did a hard reboot, I turn it on again and it began an automatic operation of analyzing and fixing (C:). Windows began again but still has some issues, all the programs take a long time to respond and so far I haven't had the black screen nor the insufficient memory message but I want some help before I do anything else.
  12. The last step will take me some time to complete since I was able to do the rest since I had the weekend off but because of work I can't spend much time without using my laptop because you said it will take several hours and as I see it it also requires me to be checking it constantly I was planning on leave it while I go to study but I can't leave it as this note says. I will post the .txt files of the other steps I will make some time this week to complete the last step Fixlog.txt MalwareReport.txt AdwCleaner[C0].txt JRT.txt
  13. I have ccleaner and avast, my avast scans for virus once per week so far I'm good in that end and from time to time I run ccleaner. A few weeks ago I ran into what I found to be a malware browser hijacker, 2 of them to be exact, I use chrome and have add-block on it, my avast tells me what sites are safe and what sites are not when I search for something in google, and one day it redirected me to another page once I searched for something and also when I click somewhere in a "safe" page it opened a random link, some of those "safe" pages are youtube, facebook, yahoo, twitter, google, and so on it always opened a random link when I clicked anywhere on that page being a link, or an image or in youtube when I click to watch a video it also opened and random add page. I remember one of the malware I had was querryrouter, anyways I search online for some way to fix it and found a solution, with 3 steps: First use Zemana AntiMalware Portable to remove browser redirects. Second Scan and clean my computer with Malwarebytes Lastly Double-check for malicious programs with HitmanPro I did that and it actually worked didn't get any redirects nor random link pop-ups. Today I find myself with the 'Nova.rambler.ru' is also a browser hijacker and I did all the steps I mentioned and it actually found some issues and it clean them or so I thought but still persists, what I found it does is that when I search anything in google is redirects and shows me my results in the rambler page, also it opens adds when I click anywhere in any page and when I click to enter a page or a link in a page it open the link I clicked in another tab and redirects the current page to a random add. I tried to search for recently installed items or something in my extensions,and even in my files but nothing, I ever tried to see in my registy and tried the Kaspersky TDSSkiller but still nothing, I have also tried other methods I found to pinpoint this malware but nothing so that is why I decided to ask for help since here I will find people that have dealt with this same problem or have experience with these kind of issues.
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