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  1. I opened a ticket to get an 'official reply. Their agent replied... I think though I'll take advice from @Porthos and run Malwarebytes Premium alongside Windows Defender for now.
  2. I didn't realise that the Premium version 4 of Malwarebytes now registers itself as the system’s security program by default. I think I'll run it alongside defender too. But is there some official guidance about the optimum Premium Malwarebytes & Defender Setup?
  3. Hi @Porthos, thanks for your reply I have the register Malwarebytes in the windows security center option enabled. I'm not sure if you're saying I should leave it on or deactivate it. Cheers mbst-grab-results.zip
  4. Recently Malwarebytes seems to be playing less well with Windows Defender. On restart either Windows Defender is deactivated or I'm shut out of Controlled Folder Access settings... After my latest restart I can't switch on Defender Real-time protection or Controlled Folder Access. Disabling all but Web Protection seems to allow Defender back in. Is this a bug or has Malwarebytes now taken over Real-time protection and Controlled Folder Access/Ransomware from Defender?
  5. Some do connect to databases, but the ones that don't are still affected.
  6. I've narrowed it down to web protection. Deactivating this again solves the problem but is there a better solution?
  7. Hi I've attached the log files. Cheers mbst-grab-results.zip
  8. Hi. I'm a web developer and I use Gulp and Browsersync along with some other node.js packages for local development. When I try to open a local version of a site it doesn't load with MWB running, but when I deactivate MWB the site loads and works fine. So MWB looks to be preventing Gulp and Browsersync from working somehow. I was alerted to MWB being the issue by another developer, here's the thread on Stack Overflow. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/50890286/browsersync-proxy-stuck-loading/51469374#51469374 Any ideas how to correct this? Thanks
  9. Check results folder here, in case it's useful. mb-check-results.zip
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