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  1. Hi Guys Thank you for the responses, that has seemed to have sorted the problem, i thought i had the latest version as i downloaded it from the automated response from the support ticket. Many Thanks
  2. Hi All I am have real trouble with version 3.0 blocking all websites. In microsoft Edge and window explorer i can get to the home page and first page of google search but i cannot get to the webpage. Firefox just completely freezes. If i turn off web protection everything works fine. I have unistalled 3.0 using the removal tool and re-installed but still the same with web protection turned on, all sites blocked. I have tried turning on and off the self protection module as listed in a previouse post but still the same problem. I am runing: version Componetn Package Version 1.0.75 Update Package version 1.0.1620 Windows 10 64 bit Can anyone help, this is the first time i have had a problem with Malwarebytes V2 worked fine.
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