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  1. When I right-click on a file/folder it sometimes tells me "another scan in progress" or such. I didn't do anything but exit that specific window, go to Start and then select Malwarebytes [right-click, run as ADMIN] exit out of the Malwarebytes window, and then select my file/folder to scan... and it works. BTW: Win10x64Pro, fresh install about a month ago because Win10 isn't the best for my old equipment. But is mostly working AOK except for MS Win issues. I also sometimes have problems that MB doesn't update automatically but not sure if this is MB or WIN?
  2. Just signed up with the forum so that I can reply to this. I have the same "another scan is in progress" or such. Using the Start Menu and running Malwarebytes [AS ADMIN] works without exiting Malwarebytes for me. But this is a PITA. Sometimes I'm receiving/transferring files on remote computers and need this to work, don't have time for this crap. Also since I'm paying for this SERVICE yearly (not sure if this is an issue also with the free version) I need to know that this will work along side my other protection. Was getting ready to contact Malwarebytes until I saw this thread & also the ADMIN worked for me. I've also been having an issue (sorry, wrong thread, just throwing this out anyway) of Malwarebytes using crazy processor/CPU power but on 2 of my units - never figured it out so just reset the both of them.
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