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  1. hello i uninstalled and then reinstalled but it wont keep working im back to message saying cant connect to service
  2. thank you nikhils i used the links you provided and everything is running great :)))
  3. I was prompted to do the update and now I'm getting the same message and when I try to uninstall it I can't it gives me error 5 and says can't start it up
  4. I am looking for the same thing I want to know how I view my account for Malwarebytes not the forum as I cant open my Malwarebytes says it wont connect too service then I cant view my account and there fore I am paying for my subscription for nothing and do not want them to take payment for it if they cant fix it this is why I dislike updates :((((
  5. hello I did the update that was prompted yesterday and now I can't get my malware to start I keep getting apost saying can't access service and I tried to uninstall won't let me do that either tells me access denied code 5
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