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  1. As said, for us the #1 indicator MWB is not working on an endpoint is if there is nothing displayed when right clicking the MWB icon in the tray. We have de-installed, rebooted the PC and installed MWB again in such cases. Then it was working fine. You may also test whether the protection is working by opening iptest.malwarebytes.org. We have fooled ourselves in one case where the "Start threat scan" would not appear on the tray icon. It might take a minute or so after rebooting. Back to topic...does someone from Malwarebytes have a comment on what I initially posted? D
  2. Thanks for you help Kalrand. First, we try to avoid delaying the startup of any security measure as we have to train our users to wait before they start clicking. Protection should start with the system. Earlier means safer. Anyway, the purpose of my post was not primarily to find out what we can do against endpoints not being protected. In fact we would like to be aware of our overall level of security. Today we have "limited vision". Everything looks good, but the reality is that endpoints are not protected.
  3. We have repeatedly had the case that on several endpoints the protection was not working. We could not figure out why yet, but suspect a relation to updates of the engine from 3.1 to 3.3. But that is not the point of this post. Today we found out that 5 endpoints had no protection since several days. No protection means for us that in the MWB cloud console the indicator next to the endpoint is gray instead of green for an otherwise up and running endpoint. Schedules scan obviously do not run. If we open iptest.malwarebytes.org on such an unprotected PC, there is no blocking. One user
  4. One more thing...there might be a relation to the Microsoft October Win 10 update. It checked the logs and the Windows update seemed to be downloading/installing at the same time.
  5. There was no folder "Malwarebytes Anti-Malware_is1" at that location. Thanks anyway! You were close It did indeed! The installation ran through smoothly, Malwarebytes up and running in a minute, even the premium key was still there. Thanks a lot!
  6. I already attached the logs to my first post... Is something missing?
  7. Hi there, thanks for your help. I found that thread but did not expect it to work as for the thread opener the reg key did not exist. I'll give it a try and report back.
  8. Malwarebytes 3.1 asked for an update to 3.2. I agreed. If I remember correctly the installation was "too fast". It asked for a reboot. After the reboot Malwarebytes was not running and the installation automatically started over again. The progress bar did not move and after few seconds the request for a reboot popped up. That happens with every reboot since then. I used MB clean, no change. The log files show that Malwarebytes is not installed. After I used MB clean I ran the Malwarebytes 3.2 (full) installer, which does the same: few seconds of non-moving progress bar, reboot
  9. Thanks for your reply. That provides a clear picture to me! We can't wait to have Malwarebytes 3 in a business environment controlled by the very nice Management Console. And please offer a local Management Console as well, not just a cloud solution. Keep up the great work...!
  10. May I ask you to help me figure out our level of protection? Is that an official Malwarebytes statement? I had a support case a while ago where I was assured that the technologies behind provide the same level of protection for business and consumer versions. The consumer version combines the 4 protection technologies under one hood but still whats happening in the background would be the same. It was a while ago though. I can vaguely remember that a letter from the CEO has been forwareded, where the Malwarebytes strategy was explained. Have things changed since then? If for
  11. Good job Malwarebytes! Works nicely on all PCs without any user action. Let me add some additional motivation to bring Malwarebytes 3 to the business version: Any web protection - including Malwarebytes business 1.X - we have tried so far creates DPC latency issues. When using video or audio applications (as we do) or playing games during worktime (which we don't do...to my knowledge0), then DPC latency issues produce crackles in audio or interruptions in the video stream. Malwarebytes 3 is the first we used that does NOT cause DPC latency issues. All runs smothly with beautiful DPC
  12. I posted here to provide a percentage of occurences based on experience and in that way contribute to the discussion. My goal was not so much to debate about license things. However... In the order confirmation I received for my 37 licenses of "Malwarebytes Endpoint Security" the first sentence is: "Your subscription of Malwarebyte Endpoint Security has beend renewed and automatically updated to Malwarebytes 3.0 Premium". Is there a business Malwarebytes 3.0 Premium? However, as Anti-Ransomware is now a part of the business package we will go back to Malwarebytes for Bus
  13. We have 25 PCs with Malwarebytes and had the update issue on all of them. On 17 a re-install helped. On 8 we used mb-clean. On some the issue appeared immediately again on others the issue starts re-appearing after few days. We are carefully checking to avoid license violations. I personally checked the Malwarebytes website before switching to the consumer version - which we did because of the ransomware protection being available first in the consumer version. There was a readme or FAQ saying that it is OK to use the commercial license for the consumer version.
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