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  1. Thank you. I have read this links before i posted. So our distributor is understating it much when he says all we have to do is click one button on the endpoint computer.
  2. we currently have Endpoint Security installed on our server. Our sales renewal person is telling us we should switch to the cloud version. My main question is what is the main difference and what is involved in migrating the endpoints over? He made it sound really simple by saying its just clicking one button on an endpoint. But do we have to uninstall all malware bytes endpoint security programs on each computer first stuch as removing malwarebytes protection, ransomware protection and anti exploit?
  3. So we just had one of our clients purchase Malwarebytes Business Endpoint Security. Before this they were using malware bytes for business but i had just used the consumer version 3.5 for them with their business license since it had all the features such as anti-ransomware. I am trying to determine if and why i should installed the malwarebytes endpoint 1.8 managed console and managed client software. This version looks so old and doesnt even include the anti-ransomware in it. I have install that separately. I mean the only benefit i really see is being able to manage them from the console. My client is not that large only like 10 users. I guess i am looking for someones opinion or recommendation?
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