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  1. I have included the requested files. Thanks FRST.txt Addition.txt malewarebyteslog.txt
  2. Yeah my computer seems to be running good now, noticing my windows defender is being turned off but im guessing thats because of another real time protection I had installed but I uninstalled the ones running real time so hopefully it stays on now. Im not entirely sure what you mean regarding Avast, I've never used Avast (if you're referring to the virus protection program).
  3. Malwarebytes Log.txt AdwCleaner[C08].txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  4. Downloaded a bad file, keep getting tmp.exe files in the windows/temp folder after restarts. Ran a bunch of programs and files, restarted computer and they didn't come back but would like a look over for any cleanup that should be done or an eye for anything missed. Originally couldn't open Malewarebytes so I ran the rootkit program I seen in the pinned message and the FRST64 then it let me open it finally. Also had roguekiller log also. Addition.txt FRST.txt Malwarebytes Results.txt mbar-log-2019-04-19 (18-50-51).txt RogueKiller.txt system-log.txt
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