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  1. 1PW, Thank you for your help, followed the steps you gave and it works great Ransomware is ON, thank you.
  2. My apologies but I don't know what you mean by reverse the action.
  3. I have downloaded the new version Malwarebytes, I have the Malwarebytes Premium. I entered my Pin and Key number, when I bring up Malwarebytes the Ransomware Protection shows Unavailable. Addition_07-04-2017 18.54.38.txt FRST_07-04-2017 18.54.38.txt MBAMSERVICE.zip MB-CheckResult.txt
  4. Same problem, when I purchased it it was called pro, I guess it is Premium now. I purchased Ransomware desperately.
  5. I have windows 7.When I purchased Ramsomware it worked fine until I downloaded the new Malwarebytes, then it just disapeard. I have my License Key and ID, do I need to change the license key number at the bottom of my accounts?
  6. I had a problem downloading Malwarebytes 3.o but the problem is resolved. I know have a problem in that on the Malwarebytes 3.0 it says that my Ransomware is unavailable, I purchased this service, is it no longer available or am I missing something, or do I need to download another version of Malwarebytes.
  7. My Malwarebytes programs worked fine until the new 3.0 update, then I kept getting an error message, "Unable to connect to service". I sent support an e-mail reference the problem and received a reply and instructions on how to solve the problem. I did each step, 1. Ran the Malwarebytes removal tool, which did delete all the files, rebooted the PC 2. downloaded the Malwarebytes 3.0, I tried to open Malwarebytes and still received the same message "Unable to connect to server". I thought there might be a conflict with my other anti virus program so I disabled it and again used the cleaner
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